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Loey Lane Opens Up About Her Scary Stalker Experience

Loey, Loey, Loey! Our favourite all things spooky and paranormal Youtube creator has been going through a pretty rough time lately. The 27-year-old posted a video on her Youtube channel explaining how a creepy stalker named Amanda (name changed) has been stalking her and her friend group for the most part of the year. What’s going on and how Loey got dragged into this mess? Let’s dig a bit deeper, shall we?

Down The Rabbit Hole

So how did it all start? In the video, Loey takes her time to explain the situation in explicit detail. It turns out that Amanda’s first victim was Loey’s friend Ryan. Ryan also has his own Youtube channel where he, just like Loey, likes to share and uncover some of the darkest mysteries than can be found on the internet. The particular story has to do with a site called Rabb.it (now rebranded as KAST), where people can share and indulge in viewing watch parties together. What we can gather from the video, is that Amanda allegedly found something inappropriate on Rabb.it and reported it to the FBI. Somehow she then jumps to the conclusion that Ryan has something to do with the shady content posted on Rabb.it and begins to harass him.

What Does Lane Have To Do With This

What Does Lane Have To Do With This?

In her 17 minute long tell-all Youtube video, Loey also explains how she thinks she got involved in this Rabb.it stalker phenomenon. She and Ryan have been very close friends for quite some time and when Ryan was faced with these false allegations of somehow being involved with supporting inappropriate content on the previously mentioned website, Loey was there to have his back. Of course, Amanda wasn’t too happy about Ryan having a support group behind him, so she decided to include Loey and a bunch of her closest friends on the very top of her blacklist.

The Stalker With No Boundaries

Loey admits that she is used to Amanda’s craziness by now and that her messed up actions and nasty comments have left her to deal with a lot of stress and anxiety. The Youtuber is being very honest in her latest upload and says that this situation has not only affected her and her friend group but also reached her followers, family members and business partners. ‘’This woman has made my life a living hell on the internet over and over and over again’’ – told Loey. She continues by saying ‘’I even had to explain myself to my manager and fill him in on why this person is tweeting filthy things about me on Twitter. She knows no boundaries!’’

Leaving Creepy Voicemails To Minors

Loey and Ryan are not holding back any longer! They have decided to release a recording of a shady voicemail that Amanda has allegedly sent to one of Loey’s followers. The person in question is supposedly a minor and had no intention whatsoever to seek contact with the stalker or, even worse, share his/her personal details with her. However, Amanda had somehow managed to get a hold of the minor’s phone number to send him/her a very unpleasant voice message saying that if these people keep harassing her, she will have them shut down just like she did with Rabb.it. This girl gives us the creeps, to say the least!

Filing Lawsuits And Getting In Touch With The FBI

Loey has had enough at this point. She is already discussing her legal possibilities with her lawyer. The influencer also adds that there is nothing much else she can do as Amanda keeps reappearing with new social media accounts that she just cannot keep up with. ‘’There is no stopping her’’ – Loey says later on in the video and admits that she and Ryan have already filed a complaint with the FBI.

To get to know more about this unusual stalker story, head over to Loey’s newest Youtube upload -! The video is quite intense, so grab a snack and get ready to be SHOOK!


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