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Liza Koshy Makes Voting Fun By Twerking Next To A Dropbox

Voting might not sound too relevant for those who are under the age of 18, but Liza Koshy otherwise known as the little brown girl is ready to prove us wrong. The mega-popular influencer released a short video on November 1st showing how cool and fun the election process can be.

‘’How many IG captions have told you to vote today?’’ – wrote the super-talented 24-year-old.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Liza if she hadn’t posted an amusing video recording to support her message that voting is indeed more fun than it might seem.

In the video, Liza is being unapologetically herself and sees no shame whatsoever in twerking and shaking the rest of her body while performing the responsible act of voting. ‘’It’s like you’re making love with that drop box. I like it!’’ – comments like this make the post even more entertaining to look at.

Koshy certainly knows how to keep it engaging for her followers and her newest video post goes hand in hand with the modern saying ‘’the harder you twerk, the luckier you get!’’ This girl knows how to bust a move and twerk it out like nobody’s watching!

To appreciate Liza’s newest addition to her dance move repertoire check out the full video post by clicking on the link below –


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