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Lexi Rivera Gets Massive Backlash For ‘I Went Missing’ Video

Let’s talk about clickbait, shall we? With so much competition going around these days there’s no wonder Youtubers opt for the use of misleading titles. But where do we draw the line? The latest offender in the clickbait category is no other than the seemingly innocent teenage Youtuber Lexi Rivera (19). Why is Lexi’s newest scavenger hunt video receiving tons of backlash from her subscribers? Keep on reading to find out!

Clickbait At Its Worst

Lexi uploaded a 10 minute long Youtube video titled ‘’I Went Missing For 24 Hours’’ on December 27th. Rivera’s original idea behind the video was to set up a pointless scavenger hunt for her brother Brent Rivera (22), his girlfriend Pierson Wodzynski (21) as well as Lexi’s ex-boyfriend Ben Azelart (18) and his friend Dom Brack (17).

Although the video itself didn’t seem to raise any red flags, it was the title of Lexi’s new masterpiece that provoked her subscribers to express huge disappointment in the influencers ability to evaluate the seriousness of the problem.

Rivera’s clickbait title was quickly labelled as very irresponsible and super insensitive. The influencer was even suggested to delete the video or change it’s title immediately. Phrases like ‘’Shame on you’’ and ‘’Stop joking about this please’’ were left under the video highlighting the real problem of Lexi’s click-baiting attempt. Here’s what other people had to say about the unfortunate situation regarding Rivera’s video:

Lexi’s Fans Are Truly Upset Regarding The Current Situation

Number #12 Trending On Youtube

The situation escalated very rapidly as Lexi’s video was then promoted on Youtube’s trending page and going as high as reaching the 12th spot. People were really confused as to why the video-sharing platform would choose to promote Rivera’s misleading video to their mostly young and impressionable audience.

It’s worth adding that Lexi’s ‘’I Went Missing For 24 Hours’’ even managed to receive 8.2 million views in just 3 days, which is significantly more than the rest of her most recent uploads. However, her following seemed to agree that the reason behind the popularity of the video was the upsetting clickbait title. Not cute!

Subscribers Share Real ‘Gone Missing’ Stories

It’s pretty safe to say that Lexi’s fanbase was truly upset as some of her subscribers even went as far as sharing actual real-life gone missing stories of their friends and relatives. See one of those below:

Fans Share Their Horrifying Gone Missing Experiences

Lexi herself is yet to address the issue and apologize for the emotional harm caused to hostage and kidnap survivors, as well as their friends and families.

What are your thoughts on Youtubers misusing emotionally complex titles to get more views? Should the particular video have stayed on Lexi’s drafts page? Leave your expert opinion in the comments section – we’d love to know how you feel!

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