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Lele Pons Surprises Hannah Stocking With A Mariachi Band

Following her alleged split with boyfriend Ondreaz Lopez (23) due to him being accused of sexually assaulting a fourteen-year-old girl, Hannah Stocking (28) has not been feeling her best as of late. The TikToker shared her crying face with the rest of the world via Instagram stories and even shed a few tears during one of her latest TikTok videos. Despite the painful heartbreak, Hannah shared a clip of her long time friend Lele Pons (24) surprising her with a mariachi band in the middle of her bedroom.

Lele Comments On Hannah’s Difficult Situation

Before we get into the mariachi band and Hannah’s adorable reaction to it, let’s rewind back to a few days ago. Lele Pons was stopped by the paparazzi at LAX on February 2nd and asked how Hannah’s dealing with the accusations targeted Ondreaz’s way.

Lele commented on Hannah’s situation by saying:’ She’s gonna get through it. Hannah is amazing. She’s gonna grow from this so much. You haven’t seen the best of her yet. This makes me so emotional.’

Hannah Stocking and Lele Pons have been very close for years. And it’s no wonder that Hannah’s current emotional state is a very touchy subject for her as well as Hannah herself.


Surprised By The Most Amazing Mariachi Band

When informed of the punishable acts that Ondreaz was being exposed for and seeing Hannah post her crying face via Instagram stories, Lele, as a good friend probably should, brought out the big guns – a bunch of very amusing Mexican mariachi musicians!

Of course, the event itself was more than worthy for publishing online, which Hannah did on her TikTok platform. In the video, it’s clear to see that Hannah’s been crying before Lele and the mariachi band’s arrival. But let’s move on to the good part, shall we?

The TikToker appeared to be delighted by such a turn of events and even managed to squeeze out a smile on her face. Stocking supplemented the video by writing, and we quote:’ When you’re sad, and your BFF tries to make you feel better @lelepons.’



When ur sad & ur BFF tries to make you feel better 😂❤️ (WAIT FOR IT) @lelepons

♬ original sound – Hannah Stocking

See what else Hannah and others, including YouTuber Tana Mongeau (22) had to say regarding Lele’s lovely surprise below:

Tana Mongeau Expressed Her Love Towards Lele In Hannah’s Comments Section

Fans Call Out The Girls For Unintentionally Supporting Curtis Lepore

Referring to Hannah’s overall situation, it’s worth noting that Lele Pons and Hannah Stocking were recently called out for unknowingly supporting fellow YouTube creator Curtis Lepore (37). This happened due to the allegations towards Hannah’s boyfriend Ondreaz Lopez surfacing all over social media.

The girls were called out for taking part in one of Lepore’s videos titled ‘Mosh Pit Twerk Off’ in the year 2016 even though Curtis had confessed to rape in the year 2014. Furthermore, the video is still available for viewing on YouTube. It has caused quite a bit of drama for Hannah specifically as her now alleged ex-boyfriend is going through court because of sexually assaulting a teenager.


Lele And Hannah Taking Part In Lepore’s ‘Mosh Pit Twerk Off’ YouTube Video

Credit :@CurtisLepore, YouTube

Is Hannah and Ondreaz’s relationship over for good? Or could we expect a reunion in the near future if Ondreaz is justified by law? Tell us what you think in the comments section – let’s chat!

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