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Kristen Hancher Was Banned From TikTok For Promoting Her OnlyFans Account On TikTok

If you are planning to monetize a major social network after a potential career, then you would be wise to check the group guidelines of that site on a regular basis and triple check your posts before they are posted online. Ending up on the receiving end of the banhammer can quickly put a stop to an “easy” source of revenue for online influencers, something recently experienced by Kristen Hancher, a successful TikToker. So why did she get banned?

Why Did Kristen Hancher Get Banned From TikTok? In A Post To Promote Her OnlyFans Account

She made a name for herself on social media after sharing lip-syncing videos, along with fitness, hair, and makeup clips as well, if you are not familiar with the Canadian online personality. High-end brands started paying her to advertise their goods after amassing a considerable number of followers and she happily obliged herself to earn a decent-sized living in the process.

However, TikTok Isn’t Currently Contributing To Kristen Hancher’s $400,000 Reported Net Worth As Of Now

The “e-girl” had some choice words about her TikTok account being banned after referencing her OnlyFans page in a caption on the platform. She wrote, “Tiktok got back to me saying that they permanently banned me because I captioned one of my tiktoks ‘subscribe to my OF lol’ with a video that was completely PG. my whole account banned because a caption. Funny how they like to keep the sexual predators and the 13 year olds wearing bikinis. Crazy.”

Screenshot of Kristen Hancher's response to TikTok banning her TikTok account

Screenshot of Kristen Hancher’s response to TikTok banning her TikTok account

It seems that the harsh words of Kristen for the platform may not help her to regain her account, but hearing that she was indefinitely suspended, even after rising to a massive 24.7 million followers count, may have played a role for quite some time in her speaking about the allegations surrounding the platform.

Some also speculate that, in an attempt to keep the platform “fresh” and make more space for the growth of other accounts, TikTok, like Twitch, could actively ban its top stars. Invariably, it generates a sense of futility for other users who strive to achieve equitable levels of internet clout if there is a high-profile individual who catches the spotlight.

Kristen Hancher’s OnlyFans Isn’t The Only Thing That Has Recently Made Her Name Appear In The Headlines

Although prominent social media stars benefiting from adult entertainment are nothing new, Kristen also found herself in hot water when the internet started to circulate uploaded videos of her allegedly flouting COVID-19 protocols.

Folks were especially concerned that she had traveled to the Maldives, a “Level 3 COVID danger” location, and that she allegedly attended a pro-COVID spreading party in Los Angeles.

Watch Kristen Hancher’s Instagram story addressing the Maldives backlash by clicking on the link below:

So it could be that the OnlyFans mention on her TikTok was the final straw for the platform and they wanted to distance themselves from any potential further drama and backlash from users. What do you think? Was TikTok in the wrong for banning Kristen? Or do you think that they can never be too careful, seeing as the platform seems to attract a predominantly young user base?

Watch the video where Kristen Hancher attended the pro-COVID party by clicking on the link below:

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