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Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Campaign Fail

Social media had an uproar of excitement when Kendall Jenner and Pepsi joined hands to promote the brand but due to poor planning the partnership ended up as a failed social media campaign.

With the aim to connect with new generations and to celebrate the spirit of social movements, Pepsi came up with a new social media marketing campaign called “Live For Now” which includes the popular social movement campaign “Black Lives Matter.”

A promotional video starring Jennes was released but Pepsi’s reach exceeds their grasp.

Pepsi’s Promotional Video Backlash

In the video Jenner can be seen posing for photos before turning her attention towards a social protest where police officers were facing off against a diverse group of young people.
Jenner immediately joined the protest and ended up offering a can of Pepsi to a police officer as a symbol of peace and to end the turmoil.

When the police officer accepted the can of Pepsi the attendees started to celebrate and cheer, bringing an end to the social protest.

It did not take long for the campaign to receive some backlash from all corners. Many people criticized Pepsi’s disrespect towards protesters and acting as if a can of Pepsi can solve world problems.

Due to Jenner’s lack of understanding of the situation, many people questioned Pepsi’s decision to use Jenner as the face of the campaign. Twitter users went crazy with critical tweets directed towards Pepsi and Jenner.

Pepsi published an apology for missing the point of the social movement after they pulled the video.

What Can Pepsi and Jenner Learn From This?

This campaign fails to highlight the importance of selecting the right influencer for the right cause, no matter how big or well known the influencer is.

Jenner might be popular but she hasn’t really shown interest in social protests before and she should think twice before accepting something that isn’t her forte or don’t really have interest in it.


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