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Ken Allegedly Cheated On De’arra

De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker(aka De’arra & Ken 4 Life), the couple who everyone claimed created the term “relationship goals” with their YouTube channel “De’arra & Ken 4 Life” might not be a power couple for much longer. A video leaked of Ken getting real cosy with another woman and it’s making its rounds on the internet, and fans are convinced that Ken cheated on De’arra.

In the video you can see Ken with his hands on another woman’s butt in a parking lot and they’re accompanied with two other people. If this is as true as the video shows them honestly, what was Ken thinking?

Watch the video of Ken allegedly cheating on De’arra by clicking on the link:

Did Ken Cheat On De’arra?

Neither Ken nor De’arra have publicly addressed the cheating allegations or explained the contents of what happened in the video, but it does seem like Ken cheated on De’arra, or at the very least, was very touchy touchy with another woman. Ken and De’arra might have an agreement (like an open relationship) that we don’t know about, which could explain the contents of the video.


Ken and De'arra got engaged in Santorini, Greece

Credit : @kenw, Instagram

For now, judging by everyone’s shock and disgust, it appears that the cheating allegations are true that Ken was unfaithful towards De’arra and is thereby cancelled. It’s still unclear at the moment who the mystery woman in the video is, and no, the man in the video is not Ken’s twin brother.

For the people that pointed out that Ken has a twin brother(Kris) and that it could be him and his girlfriend in the video, we’ve got some more bad news for you, Ken’s brother Kris confirmed that it was not him in the video, plus, people have pointed out that you can see Ken’s white Tesla in the background.


Credit : @tynesha.brooks, Instagram

A bunch of people flocked to Kris’s IG(his username is @gaia_blue) and asked if it was him in the video. One IG user asked Kris, “Was that you in the video”, and Kris replied “no and idk.

The internet’s reaction was swift. One Twitter user tweeted, “Ken walker cheating… I don’t believe in love anymore.” Another Twitter user wrote, “Ken walker proved to me that love is a lie.

In a photo a Twitter user tweeted, “Ken walker ima need you to take this out of your bio because obviously her being your world ain’t true“.

Ken’s got some explaining to do: Both Ken and De’arra, who are in their mid-20s, have been together for about six years, and started their YouTube channel in 2014. Since they started their channel they’ve grown their following to over 6 million on YouTube alone.

They are very active on YouTube and regularly post videos on their channel, videos lile “We Got A New Car!!?” and “I Put My Fiance [sic] Stuff In JELLO(prank!).” Even though Dwight Schrute would not approve this type of content, these videos have millions of views each. So, why would Ken throw it all away?

The couple got engaged in 2019 in Santorini, Greece. Ken captioned the engagement photo on IG with, “I love you with all my heart and I’m grateful for the love you have given me. I am the man i am today because of you. A future Mrs. Walker in the making… ya boy did it! We are engaged, next is the wedding, house, kids, grandkids ect. let’s grow old together.

Fans flooded Ken’s older IG photos that featured him and De’arra and calling him a liar and expressing their overall disappointment.


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