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Kat Von D Declares A Move To Indiana Due To “Tyrannical Government Overreach” In California

Makeup mogul Kat Von D, who started her makeup company on her own, has a reputation close to that of Jeffree Star, but KVD Vegan Beauty has since grown to be one of the most recognizable brands on the market. The influencer has developed a wide individual following in addition to her makeup brand (thanks to her time on LA Ink) and has also been the center of a handful of controversies.

Kat revealed recently that she had bought a home in Indiana, so why is she moving?

Why Is Kat Von D Moving To Indiana?

Kat posted a picture of her carrying a “sold” sign in front of a house on Instagram on Dec. 17. The location of the post was tagged as Vevay, Ind.

“It’s official! Vevay, Indiana here we come!”, she captioned the post

Many of her fans flocked to the remarks, wondering why the makeup mogul was moving to the midwest from her Los Angeles home, and what that meant to her L.A. Companies.

“Getting lotsa tests from friends asking if we are moving to Indiana and selling our home in Hancock Park, and if so, why,” she posted on Facebook. “Definitely not ever selling our beautiful home in LA, but with all that has been taking place in California, with terrible policies, tyrannical government overreach, ridiculous taxing, amongst so much more corruption, we just felt the need to plant roots in a small town where there is nature, where my son can be free to play, and where we can eventually retire one day.”


A photo of Kat Von D infront of her house that she sold

Credit : @thekatvond, Instagram

Kat did not further expand on what she meant by “all that has been taking place in California,” but told her followers that it was a step she was making for her family, but she would not permanently leave Los Angeles.

“So, no, I’m not closing my shop in LA. We aren’t selling our home. But will eventually be spending more time in beautiful Indiana once I finish doing some remodeling on our new historic house,” she concluded the post.

What Is The Political Affiliation Of Kat Von D?

Kat’s political views, especially given her past controversies, including the allegations that she was an anti-vaccine and a Nazi in 2019, have often been called into question (which she later denounced). But in 2017, before the whole scandal went down, she made it clear she did not support the new Trump administration, and even reached out to a contestant who had won a giveaway she had done to tell her as much.

In 2017, the beauty mogul carried out a relaunch of her Saint and Sinner perfumes and challenged Instagram makeup artists to create looks based on the perfumes for a contest. The winner would be flown out to Los Angeles for the launch party of the line, as well as receiving a gift card to Sephora and some other makeup treats.

Eventually, Kat chose makeup artist Gypsy Freeman, while later Gypsy said she was excluded from the contest for supporting President Trump.

Kat tackled the accusations later, arguing that she had not disqualified Gypsy.

“No one got disqualified, so calm down,” Kat wrote, according to Allure. “I personally messaged her sharing MY personal feelings on the subject as to avoid her getting even more criticism than she already was receiving. She decided on her own to not come to my launch.”

What exact “tyrannical policies” Kat is concerned with in California is uncertain, but she has made it clear that she does not support President Trump.


Kat Von D during a photoshoot for her IG feed

Credit :@thekatvond, Instagram

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