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Joe Biden’s Grandson Slides Into Tana Mongeau’s DM’s

Wait, what? Yes, you got that right! Tana might be getting an invitation to hang around the White House from no other than the newly elected President’s grandson. He might seem like an ordinary guy, but he sure knows how to put his name out there. Or does he? The real tea of this story will surprise you!

Ayo, Tana, The White House Is Waiting For You!

In case you have missed the latest influencer gossip, we are here to fill you in! The Tik Tok queen herself AKA Tana Mongeau posted a short video showing that a guy named Harrison Biden has messaged her on Tik Tok. Harrison’s asking for a duet and Tana seems very eager to support the fun idea. They also shared a few flirty moments next to Tana’s post where Harrison is very straight forward and invites her to visit the White House. But is he actually who he says he is?

AKA Tana Mongeau posted a short video

Oh, No, Her Tik Tok DM’s Are Down!

While the interaction that is going on between these two is very fun to watch, Tana doesn’t seem to be able to reply to the DM’s that Harrison has kindly sent her. People at Tik Tok, please fix this, we need to see how this works itself out! Her DM’s might be down, but she is surely wasting no time. Tana went over to Harrisons Tik Tok account  to spread some love and let him know that she is indeed interested in making contact. She even went as far as saying ’’OMG love U!” under one of his most recent Tik Toks.

Harrisons Tik Tok account

Is Harrison Playing The Dirty On Our Girl?

While the duet situation might look like a great idea, all this excitement has let one very important thing go unnoticed – this guy is only pretending to be one of Joe Biden’s grandchildren. How disappointing! Some of Tana’s most loyal followers pointed this out in her comments section to save her from a huge disappointment. Tana, you deserve better! Show him where the door is!

Is Harrison Playing The Dirty On Our Girl?

We Might Have To Wait For The Biden x Mongeau Collab

Although the Biden x Mongeau collab might be far from coming true, we must say that Tana has done exceptionally well for herself lately. All this attention she’s been getting from hanging out with Noah Cyrus, having a mouth-watering collab with the one and only Lana Rhoades and now grabbing everyone’s attention over on Tik Tok. The 22-year-old limelight stealer has always had a way to get herself noticed, but this past month has been super busy for Tana as she has been the hot topic on everyone’s minds. Slow down, Tana – it’s hard to keep up!


joe biden’s grandson just dmed me also hi harrison my tik tok dms don’t work so? idk how this works?

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