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James Charles Not Having It With The Newest Instagram Update

Who rises bright and early to fuss about Instagram’s newest update? It’s no other than James Charles of course. The mega-popular beauty & lifestyle influencer turned to Twitter to let his fanbase know that he is most definitely not pleased with the newest improvements made to the platform’s algorithms.

What Is Going On Behind The Scenes?

Is there a new Instagram update that somehow has gone unnoticed? For those who are not familiar with how IG algorithms work, here’s a little cheat sheet for you! The thing is, Instagrams algorithms are being changed constantly due to the massive data that flows through the social media platform daily. That basically means that any new behavioural patterns, trends and hashtags are taken into consideration when determining if a particular post is more or less likely to pop up on somebody’s feed. Simple as that!

Fans Frustrated With Not Seeing James’s Posts

The constantly changing algorithms mean that the habits of other users are not only affecting the visibility of James’s posts but everyone else’s content as well. Sorry, James, but you’re not the only one! However, Sisters all over America (and the whole world) are not happy about not seeing James’s posts popping up on their feeds. ‘’We want James Charles back! C’mon now! Do something about it Instagram!’’ – read one of the comments under Charles’s latest Twitter post.

Instagram Only Cares About Themselves

The controversial influencer went even further and claimed that Instagram only cares about making big bucks! James said, and we quote: ‘’The new Instagram update, as usual, is trash and proves, once again, that all they care about is money.’’ Want to know what James is really upset about? It might be the fact that Instagram has once again outdone itself by replacing the Notifications button with the Shop icon instead. His followers are simply missing his newest content!

Is James Losing A Lot Of Money?

Not everyone is agreeing with James’s story, though. It’s clear to see that the newest changes in Instagram’s algorithms have left a negative impact on James’s post reach as well as his post engagement rate. Is he about to experience a possible drop to his own income due to this ‘trashy’ update? Only time will tell.

Do you agree with James’s views on Instagram’s new ways? Head straight to his latest Twitter post to let the influencer know how you feel!


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