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James Charles Facing The Heat For His Immature Behavior Online

After getting himself involved in the latest Tik Tok drama between Charli D’Amelio and Trisha Paytas, James Charles is now being called out on social media for his own immoral acts. Yes, the 21-year-old beauty & makeup guru is facing the heat online over not just his past Twitter comments, but also his recent response to one of Hannahlee Yoder’s (https://www.tiktok.com/@hannahlee_yoder?source=h5_m) Tik Tok videos.


James Charles you need to stay in your lane! 👏🏽I love my children very much and that’s why I parent based on what I see fit.

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Getting Called Out For Being Racist On Twitter

The James Charles situation started with people calling him out on Twitter for a few of his old tweets that seemed to have included a racist tone. However, Charles himself was very quick to clap back at the haters and note that he has since apologized like a hundred times. Charles said and we quote:’’I was 13 for ½ these and 17 for the other half and, although they were ignorant, none of them was posted with malice & I’ve taken accountability 100 x’’. Okay, James, we hear you!

Judging Other Tik Toker’s Parental Choices

After claiming to have taken accountability multiple times over his past tweets, James sure hoped that this topic would have reached its limit, but oh no, was the influencer wrong. Around the time he was finished defending himself regarding his old questionable behavior, someone spotted one of Jame’s most recent comments on another Tik Tokers video saying that she shouldn’t have children. The particular video was posted by a Tik Toker named Hannahlee Yoder. In the video, she mentions that her son wouldn’t be allowed to wear a dress in her household until he is of age. This obviously didn’t sit well with Charles as he decided to go on and leave the controversial ‘’don’t have children please’’ comment under her post.

Deletes His Comment After Getting Backlash

And surprise, surprise, the situation got even more heated when Charles, after getting backlash regarding his comment, deleted his record and blocked Hannahlee on Tik Tok. After blocking the fellow Tik Toker, James then turned to his Twitter account to post the following:

He tried to assure his fan base that he is standing by what he said and wouldn’t change his mind for anyone or anything. Oh, boy, was this the wrong move! His tweet not only got even more backlash directed his way but also started a name-calling event. James was labeled as an immature brat who needs to go and check on his ego. Ouch! That must have hurt!

Fans Upset With Jame’s Inability To Take Blame

Judging by the latest comments surrounding the drama, it seems like Jame’s fans are truly upset with the fact that Charles apparently can’t take the blame. ‘’It’s time he finally learns from his own mistakes’’ – said a mysterious Twitter user and others can’t seem to agree more! Most of the commentators also agreed with Trisha Paytas tweet where she addressed the fact that James is simply unable of apologizing.

Fans Upset With Jame’s Inability To Take Blame

Another Apology Video On the Way?

Of course, people are requesting an apology, and it might come sooner than expected. The world-famous beauty & makeup guru released a teaser video on his Instagram stories, showcasing an apology video named ‘’ I Shouldn’t Have Said That’’ being uploaded to his Youtube channel. Are we excited to hear what the guy has to say? Will he finally take responsibility for his actions online? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Another Apology Video On the Way

Want to hear exactly what Hannahlee had to say about Jame’s immature ways? Check out one of her most recent uploads addressing the whole situation – https://www.tiktok.com/@hannahlee_yoder/video/6898430554333515013?source=h5_m. The girl sure knows how to make a point!


James Charles you need to stay in your lane! 👏🏽I love my children very much and that’s why I parent based on what I see fit.

♬ original sound – Hannahlee Yoder


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