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James Charles Accuses Trisha Paytas Of Donning Blackface

There is never a dull moment in the life of an influencer and yet again, another social media feud erupted between Beauty mogul, James Charles, and TikTok star, Trisha Paytas.

Social media celebs James Charles and Trisha Paytas were exchanging words in a heated argument via the internet after the YouTube star came to the defense of Charli D’Amelio. James exposed Trisha for engaging in racist behaviour, such as the donning blackface.

The controversy is about to start, buckle in and keep reading to find out what happened next.

Trisha Paytas Has Been Called Out For Donning Blackface

On Nov. 19th, the beauty mogul tweeted in defence of his good friend Charli, writing, “This Charli situation is NOT sitting right with me… 100M followers in one year & y’all expect her to know how to be a perfect role model?” He continued to say, “Death threats because she’s a picky eater & made a joke about a milestone? 30+ year olds dragging someone half their age? Feels familiar.”

Trisha responded to James’ tweet via her personal TikTok account. In a new TikTok video, Trisha stated that James constantly plays the “victim” in every situation. She added, “Don’t you ever put me in the same category as giving someone death threats. I have never given someone death threats ever.”

The TikTok star also lashed out at James for being spotted without a mask amid the coronavirus pandemic(also known as COVID-19), and stated that Charli is James’ “underage victim.”


The feud between Trisha Paytas, James Charles and Charli D'Amelio continues

Credit : New York Post, Google

In response, James fired back at Trisha in a new TikTok video(the sound of the video has since been made unavailable) reportedly calling Trisha out for donning blackface, saying the n-word, befriending the trans-community, and more. James added, “She voted for Trump and has started a fight with just about every creator on this platform.”

Watch the video of Trisha addressing the blackface controversy



♬ original sound – trishapaytas

Since James fired shots at Trisha, The TikTok star denied some of the statements James made(such as donning blackface), and has apologized for some of her past controversial actions and remarks on her YouTube channel.

In a series of TikTok videos, the feud continued to spiral out of control between Trisha, James, and the D’Amelio sisters. Trisha also referenced the “blackface” allegations claiming that she was addicted to tanning in the past.

As things stand, the feud might not end anytime soon.

So, What’s The Real Reason For Charli And Dixie To Be Cancelled?

The two sisters, who are both massive TikTok stars were criticized and “canceled” by the internet after a video was released of Charli and her sister not liking the Spanish Paella their personal chef cooked for them. With a lot of backlash from viewers, the two sisters were labeled as “ungrateful” and “rude,” and Charli also made a comment about her enormous TikTok following.

Fans immediately flooded social media to share their negative thoughts about the teen star, which prompted James to come to her defense.

Dixie also addressed the drama in a TikTok video explaining that she has a very good relationship with the chef and that she was pranked into eating escargot(aka snails), which caused the reaction viewers saw in the video.

Watch the video of Dixie addressing the drama


-video…anyways, not posting this for any other reason than to share the truth of something that was ridiculously blown out of proportion…

♬ original sound – Dixie D’Amelio

Charli took to Twitter to share a positive outlet on the hate she has received the past few days, tweeting, “Tomorrow I will be back posting normal content with a smile on my face! At the end of the day I know I am a good person with a good heart and I will never change that about myself. I love you all!!”

So, what’s next for the two sisters? Can they redeem themselves after all the controversy and bounce back to continue their lucrative online careers?


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