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James Charles Accidentally Ruins His Own ‘I Am Bald Now’ Prank

You might recall that the twenty-one-year-old YouTube personality James Charles was spotted sporting an entirely bald head while attending BOA Steakhouse just five days ago. Well, it turns out the beauty & lifestyle guru’ new hairstyle was only an innocent prank on his followers as well as the paparazzi.

James Posts A Picture Of His Hair In All Its Glory While On Holiday

Surprise, surprise ladies and gentlemen! James’ DIY supermodel-like bald cut which the influencer revealed via his Instagram stories on February 11th, happened to be a prank. Charles’ coincidentally shared an image showing his full head of hair via his stories exposing himself ahead of time during his skiing adventures in Lake Tahoe California.


James Charles Ruins His Own Prank
James Charles Ruins His Own Prank

Credit :@jamescharles, Instagram

The influencer said, and we quote: ‘’ So I posted a selfie on my stories earlier today. And now that I’m looking back at it I realized that I accidentally showed my full head of hair. Like I literally ruined my own prank. This is so stupid!’’

James also added that his ‘’Going Bald’’ video was supposed to be released on his YouTube channel today. However, according to James, the editor that usually works with his videos is currently stuck in a snowstorm. Due to that reason the upload is being postponed until this Friday. Keep your eyes and ears open!

Charles’ Back Of The Head Photo Gets Leaked On Twitter


James’ Back Of The Head Photo
James’ Back Of The Head Photo

Credit :@Planettmarrs, Twitter

As soon as James’ little prank was accidentally exposed by the influencer himself, a strange photo surfaced on a Twitter thread dedicated to Charles’ Instagram fail. The image appeared to be a shot of the back of James’ bald head captured on the same night when Charles got spotted going out by The Hollywood Fix.

As you can probably tell by looking at the photo, the YouTube star’ occipital area seems to be covered by a thin skin-like layer, which perfectly resembles the look of actual baldness. Funnily enough, this odd little detail went completely unnoticed up until now when James admitted to pranking everyone earlier today.

Fans Talk James’ Pranking Skills And Recent YouTube Video Drama

James also mentioned having trouble keeping up with the prank and running out of photos to keep the bald cut story going. And despite the TikToker being so confident in his pranking skills, his supporters definitely weren’t on the same page.

Comments such as ‘’Wow, such a crazy prankster, James’’ and ‘’Lamest prank ever’’ were directed at James via Twitter. Some even insisted they knew the bald hair situation was fake all along. Hmm, perhaps James should leave the pranking stuff to actual real-life pranksters? Just a thought!

On top of being called out for pulling one of the worst pranks ever, the twenty-one-year-old social media personality was also being discussed in the context of his latest YouTube video titled ‘’24 Hours Being Pregnant.’’ During the video in question, James was seen walking around with a fake pregnancy bump along with having a full-blown pregnancy photo shoot. The controversial upload also featured one of Charles’ best friends Laura Mellado (29).

Even though James addressed the situation by saying he’s just eager to find out how pregnancy would actually feel like, people were still pretty upset with the video. Some women indicated feeling as if they were being mocked by the influencer. Reason being that so many ladies are struggling to conceive daily despite having tried very hard for years.

In case you haven’t managed to see James’ controversial pregnancy stunt just yet, here’s the full video below:


Be honest, did you know James’ new shiny bald-headed look was just an innocent prank right from the very beginning? Tell us in the comments section – let’s have a chat!

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