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Jake Paul’s First Boxing Match Of 2021 Is Sooner Than You Think

There are many preparations for the prolific YouTuber and longtime Los Angeles resident Jake Paul to move back into the ring in 2021. Jake currently has a record of 2-0, coming off of his surprisingly successful fight with former professional basketball player Nate Robinson, and he’s looking to improve those numbers in the coming year.

But who is Jake Paul fighting in the coming year? It’s too early to know his full fight list, but in the following months we will most definitely see him up against some big names.

For 2021, Jake Paul Has Two Fights Confirmed

The year has only just started, but in the first half of 2021, Jake already has plans to step into the ring twice. Jake’s first fight of the year will be against Ben Askren, a retired MMA fighter, on March 28, according to former MMA fighter and analyst Chael Sonnen.

“@jakepaul doesn’t trust many in the media to spread the word…. [I] was told ‘Ben then Dillion,'” he tweeted before the end of 2020, exclusively breaking the news of the fight.

Chael Sonnen's tweet about Jake Paul fighting Ben Askren, and also the promo picture of Jake Paul and Ben Askren

While Chael posted a promo poster of the fight with a match date of March 28, Jake did not publicly confirm the fight on his public social media accounts himself.

But just recently, a potentially bigger match he had planned for April 17 was verified by the creator. In partnering with Triller’s Fight Club, Jake tweeted an announcement on Jan. 20th.

Jake is set to headline the event, competing against an opponent that is currently unknown, which is expected to be revealed in the coming weeks.

Hate me or love me, you can’t stop me. April 17th, I headline a global PPV event and I am getting my third knock-out in a row,” Jake said in a statement. “I look to prove to the world that I am and I will remain one of the biggest names in this sport.”

He will also make documentary-style videos leading up to the event, sharing Triller’s training phase.

Jake Is Still Trying To Convince Conor McGregor To Fight Him

Although former professional athletes and fighters are included in Jake’s previous fight records, his strategy is simply to go big or go home, because he has spent months asking pro MMA fighter Conor McGregor to step into the ring with him.

Jake offered $50 million to Connor McGregor to take him on in a boxing match, according to TMZ, and also made a YouTube video teasing him for not standing up and accepting yet.

“We’re talking to his team,” he told the outlet.”[Conor] looked at my DM on Instagram. But, we’re talking to his team.”

Jake also rented a banner to fly across Miami to embrace his challenge, egging the pro fighter further to accept the fighting bout. “The banner read “Conor McGregor is scared of Jake Paul,” which included both of the men’s faces. Conor’s record is currently 22-4-0.

In the meantime, Jake’s win against Nate secured a chance in the ring against Floyd Mayweather for his brother, Logan Paul, so it’s likely that we might see the Paul brothers breaking through the boxing scene in the coming year.

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