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It Looks Like The Herbert’s Are Expecting Their First Child

If you’re a TikTok fanatic like I am, then you have surely heard of or seen content from the 24-year-old model Abbie Herbert, who often posts comedy videos with her husband, Josh Herbert. Abbie has a massive following base of more than 4.2 million followers on TikTok and with her husband, they share a joint YouTube channel.

Abbie’s viral TikTok videos normally contain moments of Josh being sassy, with the pair having a long-running joke about how Josh isn’t ready to have kids.


Abbie and Josh Herbert revealing that Abbie pregnant

Credit :@abbieherbert_, Instagram

But, like all good jokes, it has come to an end as the influencers announced in October of 2020 that the two of them are expecting their first child together. Two months after the announcement, they shared whether they were having a girl or a boy.

So, when is The Herbert’s due date? Keep reading to find out all the details of the pregnancy as well as the sex of their baby.


Abbie and Josh Herbert celebrating the pregnancy of Abbie

Credit :Josh Herbert, Facebook

How Did Abbie and Josh Make A Name For Themselves On Social Media

Before Abbie acquired YouTube and TikTok fame, she(whose maiden name is Straugh) was known for her modeling career. She is represented by NEXT Models, and has done campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Frank & Eileen.

Josh made a name for himself as a musician and independently released his eponymous album in 2015. He went on to open on tour for The Chicks(who were formally known as the Dixie Chicks).

Abbie and Josh got married in 2019, and started their YouTube channel in the summer of 2020.

When Is The Baby’s Due Date?

The two influencers will welcome their first born baby into the world in May of 2021. In their YouTube video, “Finding Out I’m PREGNANT!,” Abbie explained how she founded out that she was expecting.

Watch the full video of Abbie finding out that she’s pregnant by clicking on the link below:

After the couple began trying in August of 2020, Abbie routinely took pregnancy tests. When she got a few positive results in a row, she started filming her reaction.

When Abbie confirmed the pregnancy, she bought a unisex onesie to surprise Josh. She then filmed the first few seconds of his reaction before turning the camera off to keep the moment private.

The 24-year-old model detailed the pregnancy news in an IG post as well, which also included sonogram images.


A photo of Abbie and Josh Herbert during a vlog series video

Credit :@abbieherbert_, Instagram

She captioned the IG post by writing, “I’M PREGNANT! OMG!!! We are having a little bean May of 2021. I’ve prayed and dreamed my entire life to become a Mom & it’s finally here. I’m so blessed and lucky my child gets to have the coolest & sassiest Dad on the planet. Y’all know I’ve been asking for this little bean on TikTok all summer. What started as a joke for fun quickly turned into ‘OK let’s do this!!!'”

Abbie discussed in her IG post how she was worried beforehand that her diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome might affect things.

She wrote, before thanking her fans, “We decided in August it was time to start ‘trying’ & being diagnosed with PCOS I had no idea what my fertility journey would be like. I’m beyond grateful & blessed to be able to bring our child into this world. This has been the most amazing and terrifying journey of my life from talking all night about names for our bean to any little ache/pain scaring the crap out of me. I’m excited for the next 20+ weeks to grow our bean & share my journey with y’all!…”

The Couple Revealed The Sex Of Their Baby In A Vlog

When Abbie originally announced her pregnancy, neither Abbie or Josh knew the sex of their baby. The duo decided that Abbie would select the name if it’s a girl, and Josh would select the name if it’s a boy.

In their Dec. 3rd video, “OUR GENDER REVEAL!” the couple found out through a scavenger hunt and a confetti cannon that they were having a girl.

Abbie exclaimed, “I’m so excited! I can’t believe it.”

Watch the full gender reveal video by clicking on the link:https://youtu.be/MTgKfVXpMBY

Josh joked and said, “I’m in for some trouble if this little pumpkin looks anything like her mom. No, I couldn’t be anymore excited that it’s a girl. I think I’ll be a great dad. I grew up with two sisters, so I think I’ll fit the mold really well.

If the duo stick to their original agreement, Abbie will be naming their little bundle of joy in May 2021.

Since the couple has gained a massive following base by filming details of their lives, it can be expected that they’ll do the same when it comes to Abbie’s pregnancy.

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