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Is YouTube Comedian Ethan Klein Married?

Few YouTube couples are able to manage their professional and personal lives effectively, but the exceptions are Ethan Klein and Hila Klein. Since beginning their partnership in 2007, the pair have formed a production company and a merchandise line together.


Ethan Klein with his wife Hila Klein

Credit : @h3h3productions, Instagram

The pair are valued at about $20 million in net worth, and in 2019 they bought a $9 million home in Bel Air.

Hila is not only married to a sensation on YouTube; her brother has been in a relationship with one of the most notorious vloggers on the website.


To find out more about Hila’s past, and to learn who her brother is, keep reading.

Who Is Hila Klein?

Since October 2012, the 35-year-old has been married to Hila Klein. Hila was born in Israel, and her descendants are Libyan and Turkish.

As is expected of any unmarried citizen over the age of 18, she served in the Israel Defense Forces. During her time in the army, Hila met Ethan in 2007.

He was on a trip to Birthright at the time, and when he first met his future wife, he was visiting the Holocaust Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem.

Shortly thereafter, they started dating, and together they formed h3h3Productions before tying the knot. A YouTube channel and several podcasts are behind h3h3Productions.

H3h3Productions’ material revolves around humor, satire, and sketches. The two do have a reputation in the vlogging world for going after other influencers, internet trends, and drama.

There are more than 2.21 million listeners to their distinct podcast site. Fellow YouTube celebrities such as James Charles and Trisha Paytas have gone on the show with other influencers to spill tea and feud.

The two were living together in Israel when they first started their internet projects. In 2015, they moved to the US (Ethan is originally from California).


Hila Klein taking a photo with their child Theodore "Teddy" Klein

Credit : @kleinhila, Instagram

In 2019, the couple greeted their first kid together, a boy named Theodore “Teddy” Klein.

Hila is behind the product shop Teddy New, which features her own original designs. She famously feuded with James Charles back in September 2020 after she accused him of stealing her designs for his own merchandise store.

Who’s the brother of Hila Klein, Moses Hacmoon? He is associated with Trisha Paytas.

Hila’s brother, Moses Hacmoon, has been romantically linked to controversial vlogger Trisha Paytas, showing that the YouTube community can be very small.

As listeners of The H3 Podcast will understand, after they accused her of massively photoshopping her images, Trisha took issue with Hila and Ethan.

The two made a video entitled, “Instagram v. Reality,” which revealed some of the biggest Internet stars’ photo discrepancies.

In the first place, Trisha blamed Ethan for making the video.

“You are a disgusting piece of s—t. Your video is not only predatory — it is also HARMFUL to young girls,” she wrote in a tweet.

Then Trisha asked to be on the podcast, and her conflicts with both Hila and Ethan have since been patched up. Trisha and Ethan are now co-hosting a podcast together called Frenemies.


Trisha Paytas with Moses Hacmoon

Credit : @trishapaytasbackup, Instagram

With many worthy bachelors, the couple even tried to set Trisha up on their podcast. The scheme succeeded either tremendously, or it backfired miserably (depending on how you look at it), as soon afterwards Trisha started dating Moses Hacmoon.

Since announcing their relationship in March of 2020, the two have already broken up several times. Since late November 2020, they haven’t posted together, so it’s unclear whether they’re on another break.

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