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Is Vinnie Hacker Lying To His Fans And Posting For Clout?

Oh, no! It’s Vinnie Hacker’s turn to be involved in the latest Tik Tok drama! Is the 18-year-old Tik Tok star fetishizing black girls and lying to his own fans? We are here to fill you in on the facts! Let’s begin!

Worshipping Black Girl Beauty For Clout

The particular story rose to viewer’s attention back in October when Vinnie posted a video over on his Tik Tok account (https://www.tiktok.com/@imnotvinnie) appreciating black girl beauty. It all seemed innocent at first until his fans started to point out that the clip is quite offensive and fetishizes black women in all the wrong ways. And it didn’t stop there! The discussion under Vinnie’s post got so heated that the Tik Toker decided to get rid of the video in question for good. Since then, Hacker’s supporters have started to claim that this video was done purely for getting some clout out of the situation.

The particular story rose to viewer’s attention back in October when Vinnie posted a video over on his Tik Tok accoun

Feeling Lonely And Showing A Lot Of Privilege

After the deletion of the previously mentioned Tik Tok, Vinnie came up with something new to get his followers talking about, well, him, of course. The video in question was posted shortly after the results of the Presidential election were announced. Vinnie uploaded a Tik Tok saying ‘’Yeah I’m super stoked Biden won, but I’m still lonely’’. This got people very mad because it seemed like Hacker knows no boundaries and is showing a lot of privilege. His fans got quite upset with the video and were very quick to blame the Tik Toker for once again trying to get all the hype on Tik Tok when in fact the situation was not about him at all. Is he lonely, or is he playing?
After the deletion of the previously mentioned Tik Tok,

Revealing His New Girlfriend On Her Tik Tok Account

What made Vinnie’s fanbase, even more, shook was the fact that since claiming to be lonely, having ‘’no type’’ and worshipping black girl beauty, he went on to reveal his new girlfriend – the 19-year-old Tik Toker Faith Ordway


LOL i look like a dead bug @vhackerr

♬ Blow Your Mind (Mwahchallenge) – Dua Lipa

‘’Out of all of the girls he could get, he chooses this white basic blonde girl. And claims to like black women. Oh well’’ – Vinnie’s followers are not impressed with his decision to date Ordway. The recent events have led his fans to believe that his previous uploads, including the one where he is admiring the beauty of girls with colour, have pretty much been all fake. Is he really putting on an act to get more attention on Tik Tok?

Fans Mad – Is He Doing This Purely For Attention?

It’s clear to say the Sway Gaming House member’s latest Tik Tok video series have been quite messy. It seems like he is giving his best shot at being relatable but somehow ends up implicating himself into new online drama over and over again. One of Vinnie’s followers even said that Hacker has done some shady Tik Tok clips like the ones in question long before he got the hype on the mega-popular platform. If the hype is what Vinnie really wants – the hype is what Vinnie gets!

What are your thoughts on the recent events regarding Vinnie and his controversial Tik Tok uploads? Is he really posting for clout and pretending to like women of colour? We want to hear your opinion in the comments section!


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