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Is Jeffree Star On His Way To Prison?

It’s no secret that Jeffree Star is no stranger to controversy, and the past year has been one particularly riddled with public strife for the makeup mogul. Drama involving his BFF Shane Dawson, offensive/racist videos that keeps resurfacing, and insensitive names for his makeup products(Cremated, Lipstick Nazi, etc.), the hashtag #JeffreeStarIsOverParty is never far away.


Jeffree Star during a photoshoot for her new makeup collection

Credit : @jeffreestar, Instagram

But is the makeup mogul really going to prison, as many Twitter users are suggesting? Keep reading and find out what’s really going to happen.

Jeffree Has Been Accused Of Sexual Assault

Rumors of Jeffree going to prison appeared from allegations made in October 2020. A man named Gage Arthur came out and accused the beauty influencer of sexual assault in October 2020, according to Insider.

Arthur claimed that Jeffree performed nonconsensual oral sex on him at Jeffree’s home in 2009 while Arthur(a homeless teenager at the time) was given Ambien to the point of intoxication. Arthur also stated that Jeffree used a close-range tasing device to shock him.


Jeffree Star was accused of sexual assaulting a teenager in 2009

Credit :D STAR NEWS, Google

Jeffree’s lawyers have since publicly denied the violance and sexual assault accusations against him.

Just to spice things up a bit, a few weeks after the accusations, Arthur tried to retract his statement and said that he had been in contact with Jeffree’s lawyers. Arthur told Insider, “I’m not sure I’m remembering stuff correctly. I may have misinterpreted things… I’m retracting our communications.


Leaked document shows that one of Jeffree's executives paid Gage Arthur $45,000

Credit :Sticky Drama, Google

In December 2020, documents were obtained by online gossip blog Sticky Drama that seemed to show a $45,000 payment to Gage Arthur from Scott Andrews, a Jeffree Star Cosmetics executive. Reports show that Arthur was paid $25,000 in an attempt to retract his statement and $10,000 apiece for contacting two other sources asking them to do a retraction as well.

So, Is Jeffree Going To Prison?

This is the number one question on everyone’s minds at the moment, and it’s mostly because a lot of Twitter users are claiming that “Jeffree Star is going to prison” in light of the leaked documents. At the moment it’s unclear why, exactly, he would go to prison, considering that there isn’t any criminal investigation going on at the moment involving Jeffree.

Although it’s unlikely he would go to prison, some people are still cautiously optimistic about the possibility.

One person tweeted, “is Jeffree Star actually going to prison???? bc i could use some good news…”

“What is this Jeffree star going to prison s–t?? is it true???? whats happening??? please say its true,” another Twitter user wrote.

Plenty of other Twitter users pointed out that the probability of Jeffree going to prison is very slim to none.

Yet another Twitter user tweeted, “i’m not trying to defend Jeffree Star. i just wanna say. if you think he’s actually going to prison. i can assure you his legal team is gonna settle for a couple million while he sits in his mansion unbothered. he’s too rich to be affected. that’s how our legal system works.”

Jeffree is yet to publicly address the prison rumors circulating about him on social media, which is why they appear to be just that: rumors.

We will just have to wait and see whether there will be any consequences following the leaked documents, but as of now, the beauty and makeup mogul is very much not heading to prison anytime soon.


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