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Is Corpse Husband Single, Because Fans Are Going Gaga For Him?

Whenever someone gets a little bit of fame, especially in the world of entertainment, people go above and beyond on the internet to discover whether or not they’re single, even if the people don’t really know what the entertainer looks like.

This is exactly the case with Corpse Husband, and fans of the popular Twitch streamer are wondering whether or not he’s dating someone.

Is Corpse Husband Taken Or Free As A Butterfly?

It’s almost impossible for anyone to know whether he’s single or not because he claims that no one in his life knows that he creates YouTube videos and live streams his gaming sessions on Twitch for a living.


Corpse Husband - The faceless influencer

Credit : The Sun, Google

In an interview with Anthony Padilla, he said that he has no social life whatsoever, “I just come off as sketchy to everybody,” and that he “can’t answer simple questions.
I guess it depends on how committed he is to keep his anonymity.

Being a totally anonymous internet personality definitely has its own pro’s and con’s, it seems because he can’t relay what he does for a living. Before Corpse Husband started his career in streaming, he has stated that he has a girlfriend, so the possibility for him to have a significant other is still on the table.

This must mean that he trusts them entirely not to blow his cover as an anonymous internet personality, or that he cuts ties with a significant other in order to maintain his secrecy.


Image of one of Corpse Husbands songs "WHITE TEE"

Credit : @corpse_husband, Instagram

With so many people working remotely nowadays, especially due to the “uncertain times” caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, I personally think he could very well keep his occupation a secret for quite some time. So as far as we know, based on what Corpse Husband has said in a previous interview, he does indeed have a girlfriend.

There were some talk and speculation for a while as to whether or not Corpse Husband and fellow online streamer Sykkuno could possibly be in a relationship. The two of them have an on the record chemistry that a lot of fans hoped could turn into something a little less platonic.

Corpse Husband has also gone on the record to say that he is into girls, but is quick to comment whenever he finds another man attractive.

We have little to non-indications of how Corpse Husband looks, with the most recent indication being a single strand of curly hair he showed his fans after hitting one million Instagram followers. He wrote, “Thanks for 1M on insta u lil freaks. Here’s a strand of my hair. #onlystrands #onlyhands #corpsehusband” in the caption for the celebratory IG post.

Corpse Husband celebrating one million followers on IG

What’s even more impressive is that he doesn’t follow the typical IG reach strategy of posting every single day and at certain times of the day. He only has seven posts on his Instagram platform, showing just how big of a reach he has with his Twitch and YouTube gaming.

Corpse’s Fans Are Fascinated With His New Song “E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE”

In addition to streaming and gaming online, Corpse Husband also makes music and his “E-GIRLS” track is currently sitting at 12+ million views on YouTube. He attached the lyrics of the music video in the top comment but the lyrics are a bit explicit. If you’re interested in knowing what the lyrics are, click on the link and see for yourself:

Corpse Husband has gained a lot of popularity for requesting fans not to send him exorbitant donations. Internet culture is filled with people who are constantly plastering their faces and loud-mouthed opinions all over the place and trying to make that almighty dollar in seemingly the easiest way possible.

It’s definitely refreshing to see that Corpse are not following the same trend as other content creators for exorbitant donations.



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