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Is Charli D’Amelio Going To Leave TikTok? Why Was She Inactive?

Charli D’Amelio rapidly became the most followed creator of TikTok at just 16, becoming the first user on the app to accumulate both 50 million and 100 million followers. The teenager has more than 106 million followers on the platform at present, and her fun dance videos easily pull in millions of views daily.

Her rise to fame was a fast one, given that she only began her account in mid-2019, and Charli has spoken about the toll that fame has taken on her mental health many times.


Charli D'Amelio promoting her new @stepmobile card in one of her IG posts

Credit :@charlidamelio, Instagram

However, users are asking the creator not to leave in the comments of their most recent video on the app, causing others to wonder whether she has chosen to remove her account.
Is Charli thinking about leaving TikTok?

Is Charli Going To Leave TikTok?

Charli’s most recent TikTok, which was posted on Jan. 16, shows her curling her hair while mouthing along to the lyrics of “Falling” by Trevor Daniel.

Many criticized the creator in the comments on the video, which currently has nearly 24 million views and five million likes, saying her videos were no longer original or enjoyable.

The creator has not released another video after uploading the video. While this may not seem like much to anyone, creators frequently post several videos a day on TikTok.

The comments are now packed with many of her fans calling for her to remain on TikTok, while others call out how sad she has recently looked in her videos and point fingers at the haters of Charli for it.

The demands for her to remain on TikTok from fans have spilled over to her other social media pages. Many have referred to her Instagram posts and messages, wondering if she’s really leaving the app.

Watch Charli’s latest TikTok video by clicking on the link below:


♬ Falling – Trevor Daniel

Charli did not respond to any of these comments or tweets, nor did she make any public comments as to whether she had any plans to leave TikTok. It’s likely that her current absence is just a brief break and nothing more.

Charli Has Previously Publicly Confirmed That She Is Considering Leaving The Platform

Charli was honest about the toll on her as TikTok’s most-followed founder. She has shared on the internet much of her personal life, including a school fight, her relationship with ex LilHuddy, and her recent move.

After she was attacked online for her controversial family dinner party YouTube video, the creator became particularly vulnerable. In the video, Aaron May, the chef of the D’Amelio family, made them snails, and many believed that Charli’s reaction to the snails was disrespectful.

The uproar caused her to lose more than a million followers at once, and she discussed some of the hate she had got in an Instagram Live video.

“People telling me to hang myself and blatantly disrespecting the fact that I’m still a human being is not okay at all,” she told her followers, saying it was OK to correct her actions, but it was unacceptable to send her death threats over the video.

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