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In Relation To His Controversial ‘Suicide Forest’ Video, Logan Paul Is Being Sued.

Another day, another controversy about one of the Paul brothers. This time, if you want to know why Logan Paul is being sued, it’s about a video he shared on YouTube more than two years ago. The infamous influencer posted a notorious video in 2018 that sparked a massive backlash. Today, thanks to that video and a business agreement that fell through because of it, Logan is being sued.
Here’s what we know so far.

Why Is Logan Paul Being Sued?

Logan Paul is allegedly being sued by a film production company, according to TMZ, alleging that they lost millions of dollars and that it was Logan’s fault.

Planeless Pictures, the production company, says that in 2016 they signed a contract with the YouTuber. Apparently, the deal was for Logan to star in a movie called Airplane Mode, where he would appear as a version of himself that was fictionalized. The film was intended to be a parody for modern-day trendsetters.

“Planeless claims they were all set to have Logan star in, write and help produce the flick, and he’d agreed to help get other influencers on board as well,” TMZ reported. The other influencers he had apparently promised to become involved were his brother Jake Paul, Juanpa Zurita, Nick Bateman, Amanda Cerny and more.


Instagram photo of Logan Paul welcoming his new African Grey Parrot to the family after his former Parrot "Maverick" died

Credit :@loganpaul, Instagram

For their movie to be successful, the film company depended on the popularity and social media presence of Logan. They had intended to distribute the completed film through YouTube and other social media platforms.

Planeless Pictures often relied on the reach of other influencers. The film manufacturing firm also claims to have obtained a $3 million signed agreement with Google to license the completed film.

The problem is that before production could start on the film, Logan found himself in a heap of trouble. In 2018, Logan uploaded a video of his time spent in Japan to his YouTube channel. The YouTuber visited Aokigahara, Japan, and chose to film inside the infamous “Suicide Forest.”

“Whatever logan Paul does he’ll always be that person that went inside a suicide forest and made jokes, whatever he does that’ll always be there”

The video he posted on YouTube showed him and a few friends closely inspecting the dead body of a suicide victim and making very little, if any, attempt to conceal the individual’s identity or blur the body, resulting in a very disturbing, inappropriate video.

This resulted in a massive backlash less than 48 hours later, with YouTube deleting the video. The video wasn’t the only offensive thing he had done while he visited Japan in 2018. Logan went on an apology tour after being called out and claimed to have learned from his mistakes.

Click on the link below to see Logan’s apology video he made and posted on YouTube:

For Planeless Images, however, the damage was already done. Given the decline in the popularity of Logan, their movie deal did not follow through. In an effort to recoup what they lost in the pre-production and production of their film attempt, the company is now appealing for damages.

The company accuses Logan of “deliberately posting the suicide video to kill his deal with them, and allege they lost out on more than $3 million due to his actions,” according to the Toronto Sun.

Currently, after taking a pivot from YouTube content creation to celebrity boxing fights, Logan Paul is training for his upcoming boxing match against Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

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