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Highest Paid Youtubers Of 2020 Revealed By Forbes Magazine

It’s no secret that most creators have been experiencing a rise in their view and subscriber count due to the global pandemic. Youtube is thriving at the moment! And so are the YouTubers who have made it into the list of highest-paid Youtube stars of 2020 published by the one and only Forbes magazine. Who are the top earners of this year and how much money do Youtubers like David Dobrik and Jeffree star make? Keep on reading to lay your eyes on their hugely impressive paychecks!

Dobrik And Jeffree Star Hit The 15 Million Dollar Mark

Although approximately 14 million dollars apart from the highest-paid Youtuber of 2020, both Jeffree Star (35) and David Dobrik (24) have scored pretty big this year. Their earnings from Youtube alone have successfully hit the 15 million dollar mark. Yeah, that’s pretty bonkers, we know!

Funnily enough, Jeffree hasn’t exactly had the best time on the platform this year. The makeup guru kept being involved in all kinds of scandals and even being completely cancelled at times. The drama surrounding his name apparently gave him the boost he needed as his channel managed to attain a massive 600 million views.

As for David Dobrik, it’s pretty sure to say that the guy has done pretty much everything to keep his video content as relevant as possible. Fans agree that his humour is truly one of a kind, and that’s what keeps the influencers bank account literally swimming in money – loads of money. Dobrik’s Youtube paycheck reached 15.5 million dollars this year. No wonder why he keeps giving out fancy cars almost every 15 minutes!

The Best Paid Minecraft Player In The World

Let’s move on to Minecraft players, shall we? Preston Blaine Arsement (26) is, without doubt, the best paid Minecraft Player in the world of Youtube. He is also recognized as one of the most popular gaming web stars of all time. Preston launched his main channel ‘TBNRFrags’ in late 2010 and continued by creating three other Youtube accounts (‘PrestonGamez’, ‘PrestonPlayz’ and ‘PrestonCosmic’).

All of Arsement’s channels have accumulated nearly 3.3 billion views combined which makes him the 6th best paid Youtube star of 2020 with his salary reaching as high as 19 million dollars. Not bad at all!

Youtube’s Top Earner Is Only 9 Years Old

Besides vloggers, makeup gurus and Minecraft players it has also been a pretty successful year for child-friendly content creators. Ryan Kaji (9) Aka Ryan’s World still remains at the very top of the list as of last year with his paycheck reaching a whopping 29.5 million dollars. The 9-year-old social media personality is known for his joyful toy reviews – his videos even manage to affect toy sales all over the world. Talk about having an influence!

And Ryan is not the only child influencer who has made it into the top 10. Meet Anastasia Radzinskaya (6), Aka Nastya. This little superhuman runs her channel ‘Like Nastya’ with the help of her dad. Their videos are overloaded with cuteness, legos and dollhouses featuring the two playing with toys and even explaining the importance of eating healthy food prior to exercising. Nastya’s earning of 2020 can be measured in 18.5 million dollars. The kids are literally killing it this year!

What Happened To Felix Kjellberg Aka Pewdiepie

You might have noticed that this year’s list doesn’t include the second most subscribed Youtuber of all time, aka Pewdiepie (31). Pewdiepie’s fans were shocked to not see the 31-year-old gamer on the list as he did manage to secure the 7th position on last year’s edition of highest-paid YouTubers. Although most of Felix’s supporters were confused about him not being included, others pointed out that it’s his unproblematic king behaviour that has resulted in him losing loads of money.

What Happened To Felix Kjellberg Aka Pewdiepie

Interested to see the full list of highest-paid Youtube stars of 2020? Make sure to visit the official Forbes site (https://www.forbes.com/sites/maddieberg/2020/12/18/the-highest-paid-youtube-stars-of-2020/?sh=4c845a816e50) and discover the paychecks of such Youtubers as Dude Perfect, Jimmy Donaldson and Mark Fischbach.

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