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Have You Seen The “I Am Snacking” TikTok Video?

The year 2020 has definitely been a weird one. So many people had to change their day to day routines, many people’s social life suffered, and many turned to social media to keep in touch with everyone.

Since a lot of traditional ways of entertainment have been unavailable for several months, people are getting weirder and more creative as the time goes by. Nothing proves this more than the “I Am Snacking” TikTok trend. Here is what the trend is all about, where it got started, and why it’s considered the “most hated video.”

What’s The “I Am Snacking” Video All About?

The social media platform TikTok is widely-known for having short videos that go viral. A lot of viral videos are centered around a particular piece of music and a creative dance that go along with it. The person who starts the trend usually has a new and unique idea that people then try themselves, and that’s how a trend is born.


Photo of India Gants when she went to play golf

Credit :@indiagants, Instagram

Sometimes, the weirder the trend is the more views it generates, which is this case for the “I Am Snacking” TikTok video. On April 10th, 2020, TikTok user @indiagants posted the “I Am Snacking” video on the platform and it blew up. It went viral because it was that perfect storm of good content with catchy dance moves, a play on a popular song with new lyrics, and a sprinkle of fact that everyone was bored.

The video trend is a play off of another viral trend where people took the flow of Megan Thee Stallion’s song “Savages” with new dance moves and lyrics. An example that became popular before “I Am Snacking” was a play on the song using lyrics related to the surprise pandemic hit Tiger King from Netflix.

Here is an example of the trend before “I Am Snacking” went viral:


Grrr 🦁 #savagedance #savagechallenge #imasavage #tigerking #savagetigerking #tiktokdance #dancing #grrr #foryou #fyp #discoverme #tiger #cutevibes

♬ Savage Tiger King Edition – caleb jaxin

For the “I Am Snacking” trend, India’s version uses the same tune and lyrical flow of Megan Thee Stallion but spices it up by talking about different types of snacks and craving food. It feels like it’s a play off of the Tiger King version because in India’s lyrics, she says that the tigers were snackin’ on Carole Baskin.

India’s lyrics go like this: “I am snacking. Cheetos, Pringles, ramen. French fries, chicken nuggets. Ice cream sandwich. What am I craving? What am I craving?”

Watch the original “I Am Snacking” video by clicking on the link below:


I am snacking #snackingchallenge #iamsnacking #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #imasavage

♬ original sound – India Gants

While using her own lyrics, India does some catchy quick dance moves as well. It’s basically the perfect ingredients to create a viral trend, and it worked. When India posted the video on the TikTok platform, it almost went immediately viral and has since accumulated more than 10 million views. There has also been an endless amount of people remixing it and giving it a try for themselves.

Here is an example of one of the remixes:


I am snacking.. #savage #snacking #tiktokdog #tiktok

♬ original sound – India Gants

India Received A Lot Of Hate For The Trendy Video

India uploaded a video to YouTube where she talked about her experience making the trend and how out of control it got since the video went viral. She said it was going decent on TikTok, but when Barstool Sports decided to share the video on Instagram, “it went crazy.”

For India it “didn’t make any sense,” that the sports account would post her video, given that they normally only share things sport related. She explained, “But after they shared it on Instagram, it basically became the most hated video on Instagram.”

Watch the full explanation video on YouTube by clicking on the link below:

India said that she still doesn’t understand why it became “so hated online.” She stated that she’s been on America’s Next Top Model before and is used to an amount of hate, but this is next level. Even after nine months since she first posted the TikTok video, the hate comments are still rolling in.

Will India ever recover from all the hate or will all the hate be too much for her to handle?

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