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Has PewDiePie Been ‘Shadowbanned’ By YouTube?

The internet exploded online when speculations started over whether Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg was shadowbanned on YouTube. Fans started noticing the shadowban after his channel no longer showed up in searches.

Has the Swede been cast aside on the platform?

For over the last decade, many fans considered Pewds as the face of YouTube and with over 107 million subscribers, he is most definitely and undoubtedly the undisputed king of the popular YouTube platform.

However on October 22, fans became concerned that the 30-year-old king of YouTube was shadowbanned by YouTube after his channel disappeared from the platform’s search function.

Was Pewds Shadowbanned On YouTube?

Speculations startet about Pewds’ shadowban when fans noticed something strange on October 22 when his latest video only reached 45k views after being up for two hours. This is very unusual for Pewds’ channel because his content normally gains anywhere from 300-500k views in that timeframe.

Fan speculations really kicked into overdrive when they started to notice that Pewds’ Channel no longer shows up when searching “PewDiePie” on YouTube, Which is what people claim happens when YouTube supposedly shadowbans a channel.

Well-known entertainment reporter “Def Noodles” covered the discovery on Twitter, and even posted examples of what happens when you try to search Pewds channel on the platform. “Def Noodles” confirmed at the time of covering the discovery that Peeds Channel does not show up when searching his name, though there’s no confirmation yet by YouTube whether a shadowban was occuring.


PewDiePie being shadowbanned by YouTube

While it’s still unclear whether the popular YouTube personality actually is shadowbanned, or if YouTube even does such a thing, it does appear that his latest videos are getting a lot less views than it should be.

Twitter exploded and users began to point this out, such as one user who said, “In an hour he usually pulls in close to 500k views. If this is true then youtube gonna be getting a lot of backlash. He hasn’t even done anything slightly controversial in a long time.

Pewds Addressed The Shadowban Situation

The popular YouTube personality addressed the situation in a community message on October 22 and said, “Yo, for some reason my videos aren’t showing up in sub box since yesterday so posting here“, with a link to his latest upload.

A few hours after Pewds’ fans began reporting the issue, YouTube officially made a statement on their Twitter account about the situation and explained that it was because of an error glitch, and not a shadowban. They also apologized for “any inconvenience this has caused.

YouTube said, “We are hearing reports that PewDiePie’s channel and some videos are not surfacing within search. We are currently working on fixing the issue. YouTube’s Ryan Wyatt also added, “Update on PDP. We’re on it. Thanks to the community for flagging us, we appreciate it!”

Around 5:22pm, fans of PewDiePie began to report that Pewds channel had been restored in the search engine. “Def Noodles” covered the update on Twitter stating, “Pewdiepie shadowban appears to have been fixed by YouTube. Pewdiepie’s channel is now appearing in search results as well as his latest videos. No explanation yet on what caused the glitch.”

PewDiePie fans are no doubt breathing a sigh of relief knowing that YouTube haven’t intentionally flagged the YouTubers account and that it was just a mistake.

Hopefully, for Pewds fans, his videos start appearing in their subscription boxes and everyone can soon forget about this unfortunate error.


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