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Hair By Jay, Jeffree Star’s Hairstylist, Made Fun Of Trisha Paytas On An IG Live

No stranger to controversy is longtime YouTuber and online creator Trisha Paytas. In her long internet career, she has found herself caught up in public feuds with many of the famous people on the internet.

Most recently, after she posted a video saying Jeffree and his hairstylist, Hair by Jay, openly insulted her on a vacation they took together, beginning some intense drama. It seems Trisha’s former relationship with makeup guru Jeffree Star is officially over.

What did Hair by Jay say exactly?

Trisha Created A YouTube Video Calling Out Jeffree Star, And Hair By Jay

Trisha aired her personal grudges in a tearful video posted to her channel on Jan. 15 with the notorious makeup mogul and shared clips from Hair by Jay’s Instagram Live, in which he publicly criticized the appearance and weight of Trisha.

In the clips from the live Trisha shared, the stylist called Trisha a “stupid walrus looking a-s full of warts b—h,” among other insults.

Jeffree Star's response towards the drama between Trisha Paytas and Hair by Jay

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Several clips were posted by Trisha, which appeared to be from the same livestream, in which the stylist, who has represented clients such as Chrissy Teigen, Salice Rose, and Kendall Jenner, continues to insult Trisha over a wig payment problem during a trip to Las Vegas she took more than a year ago with Jeffree and Jay.

“[Jeffree] brought me on a trip to s–t on me, and I can’t have a say because he paid for it,” she cried in the video.

Jeffree said on Twitter in response to the video that he had reached out to Trisha after the trip to apologize for the email, even though she never replied.

“I respected it and what happened is between us,” he tweeted. “Don’t drag me into new drama.. Not interested.”

Jeffree also claims to have cut ties with Jay, writing in a tweet on Jan. 17, “Goooood morning to everyone except the guy that used to do my hair.”

Watch Trisha’s YouTube video she made about Hair by Jay insulting her by clicking on the link below:https://youtu.be/py6RYmGTLa4

Jay also responded to the backlash in an Instagram Live, where he claims he had thought he was on good terms with Trisha.

“I knew it was going to blow out of proportion … that it was going to be taken and screen recorded and reposted,” Jay said on the live, according to Exclusive Hollywood. “I just didn’t think it was going to be recorded and taken to this magnitude. … I reacted to a situation the best way that I know how to react to it. Am I saying it’s the right way? No.

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