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Griffin Johnson Photoshop’s A Picture Of Him And Jennifer Aniston

Just when we thought we knew pretty much everything about TikTok’ very own Griffin Johnson, the twenty-two-year-old social media personality taught us differently! Recently Griff’ Instagram account (@imgriffinjohnson) was supplemented by a rather shocking series of images. Johnson uploaded three photos of him heading out with no other than the one and only Jennifer Aniston (52)! But don’t hold your breath just yet… turns out it’s just an innocent Valentine day’ prank!

Johnson’ Biggest Childhood Celebrity Crush Revealed

It’s been publicly known for a while that Griffin Johnson has had a massive crush on fifty-two-year-old ‘’Along Came Polly’’ main actress for as long as he can remember. This surprising news came to light nearly five months ago when Griffin was spotted leaving dinner in downtown LA by ‘’Celebrity Livin’’.


When asked about his biggest celebrity crush growing up, Griffin didn’t hesitate to tell the paparazzi, and we quote: ‘’My celebrity crush? Jennifer Aniston!’’ Not a bad choice, not a bad choice at all, Griff!


Griffin Johnson Spotted Hanging Out With Kelly Osbourne
Griffin Johnson Spotted Hanging Out With Kelly Osbourne

Credit :@Us Magazine

It’s worth mentioning Griffin has been spotted hanging out with Hollywood A-lister’ much older than him in the past. For instance, with the thirty-six-year-old singer, model and fashion designer Kelly Osbourne. The pair was photographed having dinner together on two separate occasions in early October of 2020. However, it later turned out that Kelly was only mentoring Griffin, and no romantic feelings were ever involved.

Thanking Aniston For Never Leaving His Side

When it comes to Johnson’ latest Instagram upload where the TikToker can be seen walking side by side with one of the greatest actresses of all time, it’s no doubt the pictures have been clearly photoshopped.

From what we can tell from Griffin’ social media accounts, the wannabe Hollywood TV show host is currently very much single. As a matter of fact, The TikToker has been on his own since splitting from his ex-girlfriend, TikTok mega star Dixie D’Amelio (19).


Griffin Johnson And Jennifer Aniston Holding Hands
Griffin Johnson And Jennifer Aniston Holding Hands

Credit :@imgriffinjohnson, Instagram

‘’Happy Valentine’ babe… it’s been 22 years, and you’ve never left my side. I love you <3,’’ wrote Griffin under the series of his surprisingly well-edited masterpieces expressing his admiration for the immensely talented Golden Globe award winner.

Fans Praise Griffin’ Editing Skills And Talk Huge Age Gap

And of course, Johnson’ latest addition to his Instagram feed didn’t go unnoticed by his hawk-eyed following of 3.6 million. And although it’s unclear whether Griffin did photo shop the images in question himself, people were quick to praise his editing skills. Some even asked the influencer to share some of his pro flawless editing tips.

In addition to that, Griffin’ and Jennifer’ rather massive thirty-year age difference was also being discussed. Phrases such as ‘’Isn’t she a little old for you’’ and ‘’Go find someone your own age’’ were thrown Griffin’ way indicating he should probably go after someone else.

See what others had to say regarding Johnson’ Valentine day’ photo prank below:

People Expressing Their Thoughts On Griffin’ Valentine Day’ Prank
People Expressing Their Thoughts On Griffin’ Valentine Day’ Prank

What do you think of Griffin’ crush on the popular television sitcom ‘’Friends’’ actress Jennifer Aniston? Share your opinion in our comments section – we’d love to know your thoughts on this one!

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