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Griffin Johnson Comments On His Cheating Scandal

What occurs after a break up between a Hype House and a Sway House member? MAJOR DRAMA, of course! Although it’s been a good while since Griffin Johnson and Dixie D’Amelio parted their ways, the Sway House member has finally spoken up about their unfortunate split and the untold reasons behind it. The tea is about to get real hot you guys!


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Everyone Called Griffin The Cheater

So where is this all coming from? Griffin took part in one of Dave Portnoy’s latest podcasts (https://www.tiktok.com/@stoolpresidente) and used the opportunity to speak up about his split from the 19-year-old former Hype House member Dixie D’Amelio once again. The handsome influencer is being very straight up and puts the highlight on the fact that everyone labeled him as the cheater, although Dixie was allegedly the one doing messed up stuff with one of her best friends – Noah Beck.

Johnson Knew Something Weird Was Up

In the video, Johnson admits that he knew that something weird was up between the two long before he decided to go on and do his own thing. ‘’ It was weird, dude. They had this best friends group, and they were going on these trips to Malibu or whatever they would do at night. Like I thought about it, and I knew it was weird.’’ Does this mean that Dixie was the first one doing the dirty on him? I guess we’ll never be a 100 percent sure, but Griffin sure seems like he knows what he is talking about.

Is He Trying To Justify His Own Dirty Ways

All this Griffin and Dixie drama has gotten their fans really confused. Nobody is quite sure why Griffin has decided to bring this new information up at this point. Does he still have romantic feelings towards the former Hype House member? Or is the guy just trying to justify his own dirty ways? Whatever the case might be, he has not once denied the fact that he did cheat on Dixie while they were still in a relationship. Shame on you, Griff!

Fans Think Griffin Should Finally Move On

Is it about time that Johnson moved on and let things go? Dixie and Noah are yet to respond to the allegations made by Griffin, but would that make any difference? Despite all the new facts that Griffin has just brought to the table regarding Dixie’s and Noah’s trips to Malibu together, their fanbase seems to agree on one thing. It’s time for Griffin to finally let go and move on! There’s plenty of fish in the sea!

Fans Think Griffin Should Finally Move On

Meanwhile, Dixie And Noah Are Having A Blast

Whilst Griffin is still stuck between letting go and reminiscing over his relationship with D’Amelio, Dixie and Noah are having a blast. The newly formed couple seems to be enjoying each other’s company very much. At one point Beck even admitted that he is really excited for his future together with D’Amelio. It’s a cute couple alert! Are the wedding bells ringing yet?

What do you have to say about Griffin’s appearance on Dave Portnoy’s podcast? Go ahead and listen to the whole podcast to hear what else Johnson and his best friend Josh Richards had to say about the ‘’dating Dixie’’ experience – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-5-griffin-johnson/id1534324153?i=1000499094364. These guys sure aren’t holding back!


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