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TikToker Follows In The Footsteps of Gorilla Glue Girl And Instantly Regrets It

Remember the forty-year-old teacher who went viral after spraying her hair with the now infamous Gorilla Glue Spray to keep those flyaways at bay? Well, Mrs Tessica Brown (im_d_ollady) might not be the only one who has opted for trying out this super alarming hairstyling method. A TikToker known as Avani Reyes (20) is now being slammed all over social media for following Tessica’ footsteps on purpose to attract undivided media attention.

An Accident Or The Start Of A Very Disastrous Online Trend

Avani Reyes posted his first call for help due to allegedly having applied Gorilla Glue on his head on February 14th. Since then, his video has been viewed more than 4.3 million times and has drawn massive media attention Avani’ way. However, people are not too convinced the social media personality is being honest by describing the situation as an unfortunate accident.



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Avani Reyes’ Gorilla Glue Situation
Avani Reyes’ Gorilla Glue Situation

To cut the story short, it’s unclear why and how Avani did apply the industrial adhesive on his hair in the first place. However, people are suspicious the sticky substance covering Reyes’ head isn’t, in fact, Gorilla Glue Spray but a thick layer of hardened candle wax.

Is this the very beginning of a very disastrous TikTok trend? We hope not!

Reyes Admits Himself To Hospital And Gets Told To Use Olive Oil

Despite his following expressing major disbelief in Avani’ Gorilla Glue Spray storyline, the TikToker continued to contribute to his own narrative by admitting himself to the nearest hospital on the very same day. The openly Trans social media personality also appeared to have suffered a panic attack right before entering the facility.


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After the alleged emergency room visit, Reyes sat down in his car to explain what had occurred by saying, and we quote: ‘’ So I just got out of the hospital. They did nothing for me! This is what they told me to do. I should go ahead and apply olive oil, tea tree oil or coconut oil on my hair to attempt to remove the glue. Or I can just shave my hair off!’’

Avani’ announcement caused even more backlash coming his way. Many people were outraged with his willingness to waste the medical staff’ time during their never-ending battle with the global pandemic. Even more so when his hair situation was allegedly caused on purpose.

Starting A GoFundMe Page To Get Plastic Surgery In LA

Furthermore, the TikToker’ continued to play with the general public’ feelings by wanting to start a GoFundMe page to get his hair removed by a plastic surgeon. Avani told his following and we quote: ‘’ So I didn’t want to make this video, but I’m thinking about starting a GoFundMe page. Just so people can help with my Gorilla Glue situation. Yeah, I might get surgery.’’

He, later on, posted a video thanking a particular supporter for allegedly donating three thousand dollars to the page in question:


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However, no links were ever posted under any of his TikTok videos, which made people to believe this was all just a silly prank. The questionable things people do for social media, right?

The TikTok Community Calls Avani Out For Being A Clout Chaser

Although Avani’ posts caused mixed reactions across different social media platforms, the majority of the online community agreed on the situation being totally fake. Phrases such as ‘’Get that candle wax out of your hair’’ and ‘’Biggest clout chaser of 2021’’ were left next to some of his most popular uploads.

TikTok users were also pretty upset with Avani allegedly faking a panic attack and lying to his own mother about what had really happened. All of this just to grow a larger social media presence? We guess we’ll never know!

Here’s what others had to say regarding Avani Reyes’ Gorilla Glue situation:

Avani Reyes’s Comments Section
Avani Reyes’s Comments Section

Do you believe in Avani claiming the industrial adhesive was applied to his hair by accident? Or is this just an unfortunate attempt at gaining a bigger social media audience? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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