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Gabi DeMartino Shared Naked Underage Video On OnlyFans

YouTube star and social media vlogger Gabi DeMartino received a ton of backlash from fans after she posted what many deemed to be a sexually suggestive video of herself as a child. The 25-year-old content creator shared a video of herself as a toddler on her OnlyFans account, which showed Gabi lifting up her dress to show that she was naked.

She captioned the video, “Wont [sic] put my panties on.”


Compressed photos of Gabi DeMartino om her IG feed

Credit : @gabi, Instagram

After the video was released, fans criticized Gabi for marketing underdage sexually explicit content to her audience. Although Gabi deleted the video from her page, OnlyFans removed the YouTuber’s account from the site.

Gabi responded to the backlash by taking it to Twitter after she shared the naked toddler video on OnlyFans. Keep reading to find out what the influencer said regarding all the backlash.

Gabi DeMartino’s Response To The Backlash

OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform in which users normally pay to see 18+ content of their favourite creators. The social media app is very popular and well-known for creators who want to share sexually explicit pictures and risqué content of themselves.

While the platform has become very popular under sex workers to post pornographic pictures, celebrities and influencers have also joined the platform and created OnlyFans accounts to post more personal and behind-the-scenes content.

S@gabi, Instagram

Gabi DeMartino featuring at the BEAUTYCONNYC event

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After Gabi shared the controversial clip, fans immediately commented on the video’s underage explicit content and criticized her for the content she was posting.

“Um @gabcake you better make a statement ASAP about this onlyfans s–t… you better not be trolling with kid pics and thinking that’s OKAY,” one Twitter user tweeted.

Another user tweeted, “I have absolutely NO words right now. Gabi Demartino really uploaded a video of herself as a child lifting up her dress to her Only Fans account. @OnlyFans this content is disturbing, inappropriate and illegal. Please do something.”

S@gabi, Instagram

Gabi DeMartino featured at a YouTube premier

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This individual commented, “I like Gabi demartino but posting a video of you on OnlyFans of when you were a child & flashed the camera and tilted it with a suggestive caption + charging access to the vid for an extra $3 is disgusting.

Following the backlash, Gabi responded on Twitter and shared a statement with her large following base who she refers to as “fancy babies.”

She tweeted, “A childhood video of me on the phone saying ‘Nani says put your panties back on’ and jumping up and down laughing. Period. A home-video I love to share w my friends & I use my [OnlyFans] as a “finsta” page where I share stuff I would [with] friends.”

She continued, “The video was a goofy throwback family moment that I wanted to share with my personal Onlyfans fancy babies. I am sorry that this wasn’t thought out completely I apologize. The video is down now I am sorry again if this came out wrong.”

Gabi’s twin sister “Niki DeMartino” took to social media and shared a statement regarding the sensitive situation. She posted on IG, “I am horrified by what’s happened, and I understand why so many people are hurt and angry. I am hurting too. I love you all so much and I hope you understand why we won’t be posting on the “Niki and Gabi” YouTube channel together while our family deals with this crisis. Love you guys.”

According to Insider, OnlyFans have deactivated Gabi’s account writing in a statement, “The account in question is deactivated for violation of OnlyFans’ Terms and Service.

Gabi DeMartino addressed the situation of the OnlyFans video again in a YouTube video in which she apologized to everyone that was “triggered” or hurt in the process of sharing the video clip

The influencer stated on her channel, “Recently my lack of judgement and poor decisions have led to a very, very serious issue that needs to be addressed. I owe it to you guys.” Gabi explained to her followers that she never thought the childhood clip “could be looked at in such an ugly way,” adding that she’s “dis-attached with reality” and taking this time to “reflect.


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