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Gabi DeMartino Sending Out Inappropriate Videos To Fans

The 25-year-old beauty & lifestyle guru as well as the creative mind behind the Youtube channel called ’Fancy Vlogs By Gab’ has recently been called out for trolling her fans and sending out very inappropriate content online. What’s the big picture behind all this drama and what has Gabi herself got to say about this? The tea is hot, and it’s ready to be spilt!

Wait, Gabi DeMartino Did What?

Just in case you have missed the latest drama surrounding Youtuber and influencer Gabi DeMartino, we are here to fill you in. The well-known beauty & lifestyle guru got cancelled in a short period of time when she sent out an inappropriate video of her as a child to her ‘Only Fans’ subscribers. To cut it short her subscribers received a locked message with a caption that read ‘’won’t put my panties on’’. As you can imagine, her paying subscribers were expecting to see a nude photo with Gabi wearing no underwear, but what they got in return for the three-dollar payment shocked even the most experienced adult content consumers. The thirty-five-second video showcased Gabi as a kid flashing at the camera while not wearing anything to cover up her private parts. Girl, you gotta be kidding us!

Reported To The FBI By Alana Evans

The information about Gabi selling a video that can, in fact, be defined as child pornography was spreading immediately across all social media platforms. People were shocked and referred to Gabi’s ill-judged action as disgusting and illegal. It didn’t take long until people decided to step in and report the 25-year-old influencer to the FBI. One of those people was an adult content creator who goes by the name of Alana Evans (44). Alana released a very straight-up statement over on her Twitter account saying that adults in the industry won’t ever stand for the abuse or exploitation of kids. Period!

The information about Gabi selling a video that can

Releasing An Apology Video And Deleting Tik Tok

It took a few days for the influencer to finally come to terms with how bad the situation has gotten. DeMartino uploaded a two-minute-long apology video where she basically said that she is truly sorry for what’s happened and referred to her ‘Only Fans’ upload as an innocent family moment. It’s safe to say that Gabi’s fans weren’t approving of her apology and insisted that the influencer knew exactly what she was putting out there. However, DeMartino seemed truly upset and even deleted her Tik Tok after being called out for her criminal activities. All of this mess was very quick to reach her family, including sister Niki DeMartino (25). In fact, Niki was the one who decided to speak up first regarding Gabi’s disturbing activities by posting this on her Twitter feed:

Releasing An Apology Video And Deleting Tik Tok

What do you think of Gabi’s current situation? Is that something that she can recover from by posting an apology video online? To see Gabi DeMartino’s full apology make sure to click on the following link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGRdiHHNIY0.

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