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Gabbie Hanna Made Mister Preda Cry During Filming

Guess who’s the main reason behind all the latest Youtube drama! Yes, it’s your girl Gabbie Hanna (29) at it again with making a new Youtube channel and admitting that she’s been lying to her subscribers for more than over 6 years! As shocking as it might sound, that’s not all the drama surrounding the mega-popular influencer. Gabbi has also been exposed by several fellow Youtubers including Mister Preda aka Daniel Christopher Preda (27) regarding her unprofessional behaviour during the filming of Joey Graceffa’s ( 29) Youtube show ‘’Escape The Night’’. It’s a lot of drama for one day so buckle up and get ready for the rollercoaster ride to begin!

Graceffa’s Ex-Boyfriend Is Ready To Spill The Tea

Although the 4th season of Joey Graceffa’s Youtube game show ‘’Escape The Night’’ was released to the public in July 2019 the drama surrounding it’s filming process was kept a secret. Until now, that is. A Youtuber ( also the Senior Producer of the show since season 3) who goes by the name of Mister Preda has recently come up with some extra juicy details regarding a few famous YouTubers on set, one of them being Gabbie Hanna. You might recall Mister Preda as Joey Graceffa’s boyfriend at the time, which makes this story even more controversial.

Everyone’s Least Favourite Person On ‘Escape The Night’

Although Daniel Preda released a video called ‘Answering Questions I’ve Avoided Post Break up’ a few weeks ago, people have just now started to actively discuss the situation. Preda gave his answers to a lot of juicy influencers related questions one of them being ‘’Who was your least favourite person on ‘’Escape The Night’’?’’ Daniel said, and we quote:’’ I would definitely have to say Gabbi Hanna. She was miserable to work with for the most part. She was great on camera but a nightmare to work with and I’m not gonna expand upon that cause I don’t really care anymore, but it was just hard. There were a lot of diva moments, a lot of yelling, a lot of unprofessional behavior. It was just miserable.’’ That’s the real behind the scenes drama for you guys!

A Narcissistic Drama Queen On Set

Gabbi took part in series two and four of Graceffa’s game show project, and no one seemed to have any issues with her at the time. In his video, Preda admitted that Gabbi was acting like a narcissistic drama queen while on set and that the team was having a lot of issues to find common ground with her. ‘’ It was a nightmare! She even made me cry once!’’ – said Daniel when referring to Gabbi’s inability to work effectively in a team environment. All of this information was picked up on by several popular Youtube drama personalities including Angelika Oles (20). Angelika didn’t seem to be too surprised by what was being said about Gabbi as she is known as somebody who doesn’t have a lot of friends in the industry.

Faking Her Personality For Her Youtube Channel

Meanwhile, Gabbi herself has added some fuel to her own drama by saying that she has been lying to her subscribers for more than over 6 years! Yes, you heard that one right! Gabbi posted a short and unfiltered Tik Tok clip of herself singing in her bathtub (https://www.tiktok.com/@gabbiehanna/video/6902127275802643717) which was supplemented by the following caption:

unfiltered Tik Tok clip

The link provided by Gabbi leads to her freshly made Youtube channel where she has already uploaded a few emotional videos admitting that she has never felt like being herself in front of the camera. The influencer also reveals how she was always trying to be someone else by saying, and we quote:’’ Instead of being me I was so absorbed with what everybody else was doing.’’Oh, Gabbi, your audience deserves better than that!

What do you think of the situation that Gabbi Hanna has put herself into? Are you shocked by her unprofessional behaviour during the filming of ‘’Escape The Night’’? Let us know in the comments section and don’t forget to check out the real Gabbie Hanna by clicking on the following link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xvBxkWG6go.

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