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Fans Point Out Dixie D’Amelio’s Auto-Tuned Voice In New Music Video

Are you on Santa’s naughty or nice list? Dixie D’Amelio (19) and Liam Payne (27) admit they might have to skip on Santa’s visit this year as their new video of their duet ‘’Naughty List’’ was uploaded to Payne’s official Youtube channel on December 9th. What have Dixie’s fans got to say about the newly released video and what’s the drama surrounding it? Keep scrolling to find out more!

Keeping It Festive And Eye Catching

Although the audio of Liam’s and Dixie’s new record was already released to the public in early November this year, their fans were left eagerly waiting for the visual part of the festive collaboration. The video is quite simple yet adorably festive featuring a Christmassy photo booth, a huge pretend snow globe and a pink Christmas tree. Both Dixie and Liam seem to be incredibly relaxed during the video, and, although they were located in different settings while filming it, the energy they manage to give off to the viewers is more than just mesmerizing. We all love a good pop song video, don’t we?

The First Act With Two Number Ones On Billboard

It’s also worthy to note the fact that Dixie D’Amelio was the very first artist to earn not one but two number one songs in Billboard’s Top Thriller U.S. chart. ‘’Naughty List’’ debuted atop the previously mentioned chart on November 21st following the massive success of Dixie’s collaboration with rapper Whiz Khalifa (33) on her second track ‘’One Whole Day’’. The 19-year-old influencer is making the best out of her career, and we couldn’t be happier for her!

Fans Not Happy About Dixie’s Altered Pitch

Despite the success of Payne’s and D’Amelio’s newest record, there are a few things that their fans do not approve of. Firstly, people have pointed out how much autotune has been applied to Dixie’s voice. ‘’I almost didn’t recognize Dixie’s voice at all! Ditch that autotune, girl, it’s hurting my ears!’’ – read one of the comments under Liam’s and Dixie’s newest video release. And it’s not just that! The former One Direction singer’s fans were upset with the fact that Dixie got a whole filming set while Liam was left with a single piece of green screen to work with. Oh well, you can’t have all the good things in the world!

What are your thoughts on Dixie’s performance in Liam’s ‘’Naughty List’’? Has her voice been altered to the point where she doesn’t sound like herself anymore? Leave your opinion in the comments section and make sure to add ‘Naughty List’’ to your 2020 Christmas playlist!

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