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Fans Of Jeffree Star Are Puzzled After He Bought A House In Wyoming

In November 2019, when Jeffree Star revealed he was moving into a $14 million sprawling Hidden Hills home, his fans were shocked that he was already moving on with the bulletproof pink vault closet from his famous “Barbie dream house.

But, alas, for his ever-growing beauty empire, the makeup mogul and YouTube star needed more space, and this new house was just down the street from where he was already staying. The change made sense.

It looks like the influencer has bought yet another property in a totally different state as of December 2020. Many of his fans were wondering: Why was Jeffree Star moving to Wyoming?

In August 2020, Jeffree Star revealed that he was planning to move to Wyoming.

On Aug. 5, Jeffree announced to his fans that he was going to switch to the least populated state in the United States: Wyoming. “I’m flying to #Wyoming right now and can’t wait to have a second home out here soon!” he tweeted at the time.

He said, “I’ll be looking for some really cool ranches with a lot of acres and silence,” over on his Instagram posts. “And miles [and] miles away, for me, from others. So, yeah, b—h, Jeffree Lynn is coming to Wyoming.”


Photo of Jeffree star at his old home

Credit : Jeffree Star, YouTube

I think 2020 has been so crazy,” he continued. “It definitely opened up so many new chapters and things that, maybe, I was not ready to do. But b—h I’m ready. I’ll always be a Californian. Honey, it’s time to expand my wings and have a little more solidarity.”

The makeup maven gave a hint of what he could be doing out there in the middle of nowhere, so far away from his home in California, less than a week after that revelation. Jeffree tweeted on Aug. 11, “Can’t wait to live there part-time on the new Star Ranch & start to write my autobiography.”

See Jeffree’s tweet about him moving to Wyoming by clicking on the link below:

Why Did Jeffree Move To Wyoming?

So did Jeffree Star actually go all the way to Wyoming to buy a second house just so he could write an autobiography? Some ulterior motive has to be there, right?

On Dec. 6, Jeffree tweeted a photo of two of his Pomeranians alongside the caption, “Goooood morning everyone! We’re flying to Wyoming to spend some time at my house and enjoy some snow.”

After the dog-dad shared that he was getting his Wyoming driver’s license, Jeffree’s fans had even more questions. Can he set himself up for a permanent, eventual relocation?

In exchange for a more secluded life in Wyoming, he then gave a little more detail to followers who were worried that he would soon leave California for good.

“For everyone wondering, I’m never gonna leave Hidden Hills!” Jeffree tweeted on Dec. 7 alongside a photo of himself. “I just bought a home in Wyoming with a lot of land for my family and I. Going to split my time between California and here.”

Whew, some good news for fans that live in California.

Click on the link below to see the full tweet of Jeffree saying he won’t leave the Hidden Hills:

To be honest, Jeffree has the right idea, we think. He can quickly go back and forth between his daily routine and get away from it all in a serene retreat with a house in California and Wyoming, or he can go from warm weather to snow! (Just get on his private jet with his six Pomeranians!) Plus, if Jeffree is actually working on an autobiography, it seems like the best place to avoid distractions.

Hopefully, in the near future, he will give fans a tour of his Wyoming home!

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