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Fans Not Approving Of Dixie D’Amelio’s New Music

It wouldn’t be our daily influencer news report without including an article about the famous D’Amelio sisters, would it? This time around the drama is surrounding Dixie D’Amelio (19) and her newest song release called ‘One Whole Day’. Why are people cancelling Dixie over her creative expressions, and what does her mom have to say about it? Let’s get right into the story!

Dixie’s New Song Labeled As Dry And Childish

The drama kicked off when Dixie decided to release a sneak peek clip of her upcoming song featuring Wiz Khalifa over on her Tik Tok and Instagram accounts. Shortly after uploading the video her comments section took the turn for the worst and turned into a massive hate thread. The majority of the commentators were saying things like ‘this is giving me childish Kidz bop vibes’, ‘your lyrics are so dry’, ‘pray for Wiz Khalifa’ and ‘even a toddler could come up with much more than you just did’ kind of vibes. As soon as the wave of hatred landed on Dixie’s page, she took the video down only to reupload a clip of what she thought would be a better representation of her work. Here’s what other people had to say about Dixie’s new song:

Dixie’s New Song Labeled As Dry And Childish

Heidi D’Amelio Claps Back At The Haters

The hate reached a point where even Dixie’s mom decided to step in and remind everyone that typing hate is never okay. Heidi D’Amelio (48) took to her Instagram account to say and we quote:’’To anyone that takes the time to type hate towards someone who is having fun and doing something they love, please know you are a classic case of a weak person who is truly pathetic. ‘’ Although the famous Tik Tok mom was doing her best to support her daughter and the decisions that she has made, her words didn’t sit quite right with Dixie’s massive following across different social media platforms. See Heidi D’Amelio’s full statement below:

Heidi D’Amelio Claps Back At The Haters

Privileged And Coming From A Well-Situated Family

What’s wrong with her mom’s statement you might be thinking? Well, where do we begin? The fact that she’s applying that everyone who is aiming hate towards her daughter is a very weak and pathetic person seems very ignorant to most people. Fans didn’t agree with this part of Heidi’s statement saying that Dixie is literally a 19-year-old woman, who has decided to put her life online for everybody to see, so critics from anyone are more than valid. Secondly, people were disagreeing with Heidi D’Amelio implying that Dixie has been putting in a lot of work to get where she is as her Tik Tok fame literally occurred overnight and can be categorized as a coincidence and a stroke of pure luck. Some even went as far as calling the 19-year-old influencer privileged and not having a clue of what hard work really means due to her growing up in a well-situated family.

The Hate Is Getting Very Overwhelming For Her

All of the hate coming Dixie’s way has left a negative impact on the 7th most followed Tik Toker on the whole platform. Dixie recently took to her video-sharing platform to post a very emotional Tik Tok duet clip. In the video,


#duet with @user768jjy3no7 i understand u dont like me but bullying is not okay!!! 😭😭

♬ original sound – Dixie D’Amelio

she reacts to the online bullying by making a sad face and wiping her non-existent tears away. Although the video was allegedly supposed to be a joke, Dixie did make her point clear by stating that bullying is not okay. We agree on that one Dix, but pretending to be upset only for the camera is not a great move either!

What are your thoughts on the hate and critics that Dixie has been receiving lately? Make sure to check out her latest Tik Tok duet to see her reacting to the whole situation- https://www.tiktok.com/@dixiedamelio/video/6902192075597532421


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