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Fans Not Approving Of Charli D’Amelio Advertising Luxury Clothing

Have you heard of the #monclerbubbleup challenge yet? One of Tik Tok’s most recognizable faces, Charli D’Amelio, has thrown herself into the fire by joining the viral hashtag and promoting very expensive high-end clothing to her fanbase. Charli’s edition of the challenge has already reached the 16 million view mark and has led fans to believe that the 16-year-old influencer is willing to promote pretty much anything in order to keep the money flowing into her bank account.

2.3 billion views on Tik Tok

In case you’re not too familiar with the trending hashtag, here’s what it’s all about. The Bubble Up challenge was created by Moncler, a high ticketed American fashion brand which takes pride in its high-quality puffer jackets. The challenge itself consists of popular social media influencers wrapping themselves up in duvets, extra-large pillows or even mattresses to imitate the look of Moncler’s high fashion items. The complete outfit is later finished with a real Moncler puffer jacket, of course.
watch video : https://www.tiktok.com/@charlidamelio/video/6906956712729726213


i joined the #monclerbubbleup challenge🤍 are you ready to bubble up? @moncler #moncler #ad

♬ Bubble (feat Ty Dolla $ign) – 24hrs

The brand’s hashtag has gone viral in absolutely no time, reaching a massive 2.3 billion views in total. And with this kind of visibility on the platform, it’s no surprise that the Bubble Up influencer lineup also includes Tik Tok stars like Bella Poarch (23), Daisy Jelley (20), Ryan Prevedel (18) and Tik Tok’s most-followed user to date, Charli D’Amelio (16).

Charli D’Amelio Tiktok

Just Another Case Of A Sell Out Influencer

What people found most disturbing about the ad is that the pitch-black puffer jacket that Charli was wearing in her interpretation of the challenge costs around 1,500 thousand dollars. The problem appears to be the fact that Charli’s fan base mostly consists of young children who are not capable of spending that amount of money to support the Tik Toker.

This led fans to believe that Charli is willing to advertise pretty much anything without even considering the financial possibilities of her supporters. Some even went as far as labelling the influencer as a complete ‘sell-out’ saying and we quote: ‘’ Stop being a sell-out, please. We can’t afford this sh*t.’’

People we’re also pretty upset with the fact that the D’Amelio sisters always find time for pushing different types of products onto people, but fail to speak up about important issues like the Brandon Bernard and Pervis Payne situations.

Moncler Gets Slammed For Working With Charli

Although Charli did manage to take Moncler’s Bubble Up challenge to the next level, the brand also received a lot of negative commetarry directed their way due to Charli only being 16 years of age. People started pointing out that Charli’s followers are definitely not the right audience that should be targeted for the brands high ticketed items.

It also came to light that the high-end puffer jacket brand allegedly paid Charli 200,000 thousand dollars for the particular ad. This made the situation even worse as Charli was then labelled as inconsiderate and money-hungry.


Should Charli be more considerate towards accepting advertising deals from such high fashion brands that most of her young fanbase simply can’t afford to buy? Tell us in the comments section – we’d love to hear your expert opinion!

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