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Fans Mad At Emma Chamberlain For Being A Republican

Is Emma Chamberlain a Republican? Or is this just another attempt to take the 19-year-old American influencer down? This headline has called out a very negative reaction from Emma’s fans on Twitter. They are shocked, to say the least, and want to receive an explanation from Emma herself, but it seems like Chamberlain has a different view on how to handle the burning issue.

Rumor Has It

While everyone on Twitter seems to be going crazy and trying to speculate with the particular subject, there is still no legal evidence found that Emma is indeed registered as a supporter of the Republican Party. All these people have is an alleged screenshot which shows that the mega-popular influencer is allegedly registered as a Republican. However, there is no confirmation available on whether the document is really genuine or not.

Rumor Has It

Emma Is Shook And Deactivates Her Twitter Account

After seeing the screenshot in question and finding out that her Twitter account is literally being flooded with thousands and thousands of hate comments, Chamberlain deactivated the account. However, this didn’t help with the situation whatsoever. Emma’s fans divided themselves into two groups. The first one says that her actions do testify the fact that she is indeed a Republican and simply doesn’t want to admit it as it might potentially harm her career. The other group wasn’t so quick to judge the poor Youtube star and tried their best to defend Emma and her freedom of choice.

Emma Is Shook And Deactivates Her Twitter Account

Fans Are Outraged – They Want Proof!

I knew Emma Chamberlain was sketchy but I didn’t think she’d be a f***ing Republican!’’ – read one of the comments under the particular Twitter thread. Yes, her followers are really taking things seriously – it’s no joke! They demand any further proof to confirm this rumor to be genuine and want Emma to step up and spill the tea on her political beliefs. While the two drastically different opinions are clashing over on Twitter, the real reason why so many people are upset is way more simple. It’s not the fact she might be registered as a Republican. It’s the fact that Emma has not once used her social media platform for encouraging her young fanbase to go out and vote.

Does Emma Have Anything To Say For Herself?

What happened next? It didn’t take very long since Emma’s Twitter account deactivation when she turned to her Instagram platform to say that she will not engage in any internet drama. See Chamberlain’s story below:

Does Emma Have Anything To Say For Herself

So does she really belong to the Republican Family and used her vote to support the now-former president Donald Trump? I guess we’ll never know! However the question still remains, why does an insanely popular American teenage influencer feel the need to support Trump’s unconventional ways? Head over to our comments section to express your thoughts and feelings in regards to Emma’s political status. Should it really affect the way we see her?


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