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Fans Are Left Worrying About Venus Angelic’s Shift To Adult Content

Many fans are left confused when YouTuber Venus Angelic(whose real name is Venus Palermo) started shifting from her everyday content that she normally posts to content that is more focused towards a mature audience.


Venus Angelic dressed up as an Anime character

Credit : @venus_angelic, Instagram

Venus is well-known on the YouTube platform for making a lot of content that focuses on makeup tips to make you look more doll-like, but has now changed the direction of her channel to focus more on promoting her OnlyFans and other NSFW content.

She received some hate when worried fans started noticing the sudden change in the type of content she was posting and for exposing her younger fanbase with inappropriate content.

So why did Venus decide to change her brand, is there something we don’t know?

Venus’ Mother Controlled The Type Of Content She Could Post

Venus is best-recognized for her viral video on, “How to look like a Doll,” and the video currently has more than 16 million views.

Her YouTube channel began as a space where she would post day to day vlogger content, showing what she ate during the day as well as some Japanese-inspired videos, but over time she posted content that focused more on makeup and beauty tips to make yourself look more doll-like.

This type of content became her entire brand, and much of it over the years was focused on making herself look more and more like a porcelain doll. Venus would go all out during her makeup videos by making her voice sound more child-like to emphasize the doll-like look she was trying to create.

All the content Venus crested throughout the years were managed and promoted by her mother, who on a regular occasion accompanied her to interviews and photoshoots.

Many fans called Venus’ mother out after they started noticing her mother had what appeared to be an unhealthy amount of control over the content Venus posted. Eventually, Venus appeared to flee her mother’s household to be with her longtime partner Manaki, whom she supposedly married.

But since then, Venus and her longtime partner and husband Manaki divorced and is now on her own, with full control over the type of content she wants to post.


Venus Angelic showing how her doll-like look looks

Credit : @venus_angelic, Instagram

Many Fans Believe Her Move To OnlyFans Was Caused By The Freedom She Had After Moving

Venus began to take a more adult turn in the type of content she created and posted after she officially separated herself from her mother and ex-husband. In the new content that she creates, she no longer solely focuses on the doll-like aesthetics she had spent so long building, but instead talked about her history of abuse and even started drinking alcohol in her YouTube videos.

After the dramatic shift on Venus’ channel, she announced that she would be making an OnlyFans account. While OnlyFans functions a lot like Patreon and other subscription platforms, it’s age restriction makes it a popular outlet for influencers to post adult and other NSFW themed content.

Many fans started to worry about Venus after a lot of her content became about her OnlyFans, in which many of her followers criticized her for, considering that most of her content in the past featured her in a child-like appearance for most of her online career.

It appears that Venus is very happy with the content that she’s creating, although her fans are still a bit worried about her. While the move to OnlyFans is restricting the fan base she can cater for, it seems that some fans believe that this is Venus’ way of taking control of the content she wants to post after many years of being supervised by her mother.

She reassured her fans that she is very happy with what she is doing and is proud of the type of content she’s creating.


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