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Erika Costell Joins OnlyFans

Erika Costell at an H&M event Erika Costell, recognisable model and YouTuber are well-known for her time in the collective Team 10, but since the group’s apparent disbandment, Costell went her own path making a name for herself on her own terms.

Costell is considered a “girl next door” by her fans, but many fans never believed she would join the cohort of creators joining the NSFW content site OnlyFans. That is, until her fans were left shocked after she did.

On November 9th, Erika launched her OnlyFans account and took to social media about her decision to join the platform.

Erika Joined OnlyFans To Share Behind The Scenes Content

A lot of content creators have made OnlyFans accounts, and many specifically to share 18+ content but the site isn’t just used to share adult entertainment content. In fact, it functions a lot like Patreon, where users can post exclusive content for a monthly subscription fee and interact more personally with their followers.

Erika Costell during a photoshoot She says, “In my opinion it’s the easiest platform on which to communicate one on one with my audience while simultaneously sharing real-time content. I’ve been looking for a platform where I could separate my younger audience from my older audience; Only fans is allowing me to do so.
But most of all, Erika is ecstatic for being able to connect with her older audience fanbase on a more personal level than she can on any other social media platform.

Erika also said, “it’s important for me to connect with them on a deeper level that involves more than just posting hot pictures on IG. I love how OnlyFans has given their content creators the freedom to be their authentic selves with no judgement.”

Click the link to see some content of Erika’s OnlyFans account:

What Type Of Content Will Erika Post On OnlyFans?

While OnlyFans is best recognized as a platform for adult entertainment creators to share their original content(and have their viewers support them directly), Erika has other plans in mind for her OnlyFans page. She stated that she accumulated an immense backlog of content over the years and never had a platform to share her content on.

She said that most of her content consists of “fun and sexy photoshoot montages, unseen photos, traveling the world content, behind the scenes of some pretty exclusive experiences like the Grammy’s, modeling in London and pretty much all the raw content that came AFTER the nicely edited and filtered videos posted on YouTube.”

Erika said in an interview, “I essentially have the behind the scenes from the past couple years of my life, my team films everything. I just haven’t had a platform that made sense for some of this content until now.

For now Erika intends to use the OnlyFans platform to connect with her older fanbase audience, but she also admitted that she “hasn’t fully decided how far [she’s] going to go”, or if she’ll take advantage of OnlyFans’ option to post 18+ content.

Erika said, “Some of the things I’ve already been posting on IG could be considered risqué and I will continue posting that type of content on OnlyFans. I’ve had photoshoots in the past that gave gone way beyond your typical IG content, and the photos were ‘accepted’ because the shoot was set up through my legitimate modeling agency, so I really don’t see a difference.”


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