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Does Zoe LaVerne Have A Twin Sister?

With more than 17 million followers on TikTok, Zoe LaVerne(real name, Zoe LaVerne Pemberton) has been well-known on social media for quite some time, but many people first heard of her when she was part of a scandal involving a 13-year-old kid.


Zoe taking a selfie for her IG platform

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In late October of 2020, the 19-year-old faced immense backlash and criticism when a video was leaked of her kissing a 13-year-old named Connor Joyce.

Zoe then later explained in an apology video that she developed feelings for Connor, the 13-year-old, but stated that the two of them had chosen to remain good friends.

Many fans have expressed their concerns online that something inappropriate was going on between Zoe and Connor and that Zoe was potentially grooming Connor or having an illegal relationship with the minor. Zoe’s mom, Debbe Pemberton, later defended her against the pedophilia and grooming claims against her. Ever since Zoe’s mom defended her, her family became the subject of speculation.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Zoe has a twin sister and about the influencer’s family life.

Does Zoe Have A Sister No One Knows About?

There are plenty of rumours and Wattpad stories online that Zoe has a twin sister named Lillian LaVerne, whom she has despised since she was a little girl. As it turns out, the TikTok stat does not actually have a sister, but she does have two brothers.

The Indiana native has a brother named Eric, and she also has a stepbrother named Cameron.


Zoe taking a selfie for her IG platform

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Although Zoe hasn’t featured or shared much about her siblings on her social media pages, she does post a lot of content that features her younger cousins. Her cousin, Zander, in particular, has been featured in many of her TikTok videos.

She has also posted TikTok videos featuring her parents, Doug Wright and Debbe Pemberton. Her father Doug owns an autocare facility in Indiana.

Zoe’s mother, Debbe notably came to her daughter’s defence by saying that Zoe and Connor kissed because they were “best friends.”

Though Debbe has defended Zoe online with regards to the scandal with Connor Joyce, the TikTok influencer is continuing to stir things up and putting herself in the spotlight for a lot of criticism and backlash.

Does Zoe Ever Learn From Her Mistakes?

Zoe fueled the scandal between her and Connor again just two weeks after apologizing for “catching feelings” for Connor and reassuring the public that they “never had a relationship” by commenting on Connor’s Instagram live video. While the 13-year-old Connor was going live on IG on Nov. 9, Zoe joined and left comments about missing him.

Screenshots of Zoe’s comments on Connor’s live feed were obtained by the Instagram account, @TikTokRoom.

SZoe comments on Connor’s IG live feed

Zoe comments on Connor's IG live feed

Credit : @TikTokRoom, Instagram

Zoe wrote in her first comment, “Hi connor.. i miss you,” and shortly after that, she added, “I hope you’re doing well. Miss you lots!

After the comments Zoe left, she yet again received a lot of criticism and backlash from users online for continuing to showcase a friendship with Connor.

Later that day, both Zoe and Connor participated in the “Yellow” trend on TikTok(a trend in which users post meaningful photos while the song “Yellow” by Coldplay plays in the background).

In their seperate videos, the two put up photos of one another, leading many users to wonder if something is still going on between the two of them. Zoe is yet to publicly respond to the backlash from her comments on Connor’s livestream.

Connor has since set his TikTok account to private (although his IG profile is still public), while Zoe has turned off the comments section on her IG page.


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