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Dixie D’Amelio’s Account Gets Hacked By The Chuckling Squad

The Tik Tok world was stunned yesterday as a mysterious wrongdoer appeared to have gained access to Dixie D’Amelio’s (19) and also her dad’s Marc D’Amelio’s (52) Tik Tok accounts. Dixie’s fans got quite worried as the hacker did manage to post a few very alarming video uploads including one of him waving a gun in front of the camera.

Who’s behind the shocking online attack and what has Dixie herself got to say about the unfortunate hacking event? See the full article for the in-depth details explaining the latest Tik Tok drama.

Uploading Weird Content And Spreading Hate

The hackers took control over the mega-popular Tik Tok influencer’s account on Sunday night (December 13th). The unusual activities continued until Monday afternoon (December 14th) when Dixie’s profile appeared to be fully deactivated.

Rumour has it that the ones to blame for the simultaneous cyberattacks of Dixie’s and her dads’ accounts were a teenage hacking group referred to as ‘’The Chuckling Squad’’. Although it’s real members remain publically unknown, they have previously gained huge recognition due to hijacking social media accounts of people like James Charles and Jack Dorsey (the co-founder and CEO of Twitter).

The video posts uploaded to Dixie’s main Tik Tok page included a clip of a minor waving a gun at the camera continued by a pretty disturbing scene from the movie ‘’The American Horror Story’’ which Dixie’s followers quickly described as a way of spreading hate speech online.

when Dixie’s profile appeared to be fully deactivated.

D’Amelio Gets In Contact With The Alleged Teenage Hacker

Shortly after realizing that her account has been taken away from her, Dixie tried to get in contact with the alleged teenage hacker via the Instagram account that he had provided in Dixie’s Tik Tok bio. And to everyone’s surprise, the girl succeeded in her mission! The two exchanged a few friendly comments under one of the alleged hackers’ latest Instagram posts.

Dixie said and we quote:’’ Hey bestie, can I have my account back LOL.’’ To which the teenage hacker replied with:’’Sure bae.’’ It was the tone of their conversation that led people to believe that this whole hacking situation has been nothing more than a very poorly staged PR stunt. The pair were also rumoured to contact each other via FaceTime which made the story even more suspicious to the public eye.

Dixie tried to get in contact with the alleged

Dixie’s Account Locked And Reinstated By Tik Tok

Dixie’s account was allegedly locked after she and her family members turned to Tik Tok to reinstate the influencer’s account.

The 19-year-old Tik Tok star’s account seems to be renewed by now without her losing any of her content or follower count. It also came to light that Dixie’s sister Charli D’Amelio (16) was also locked out of her account by Tik Tok employees as they are now trying to improve the security of the accounts belonging to the D’Amelio family members to prevent any further cyber attacks.

Charli announced this information in one of her latest Instagram lives. The famous Tik Toker revealed that she is not a hundred percent sure of when she is going to get her account back to keep providing her fans with any further content.

The Chuckling Squad Threatens Influencers With Further Attacks

And that’s not all the tea you guys! Members of ‘’The Chuckling Squad’’ are not done just yet. Although the information is unofficial and hasn’t been confirmed yet, it appears that one of the accounts that was associated with the hack had messaged a few media outlets stating that ‘’The Chuckling Squad’’ is now back and these kinds of celebrity hacks will be a daily occurrence from now on.

Which Tik Toker could be the next possible victim of ‘’The Chuckling Squad’s’’ infamous online attacks? Do You think Tik Tok should work on improving their security levels for all its users? Tell us in the comments section and click on the following link to see the controversial content that was uploaded to Dixie’s account by the ill-famed hacker group – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=087MyZvrLVk.

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