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Dixie D’Amelio Called Out For Being Racist on Tik Tok

Dixie’s Controversial Tik Tok Clip Another day, another drama involving the mega-popular D’Amelio sisters. It seems like the 19-year-old Dixie D’Amelio hasn’t learned a lesson from the recent drama that involved her sister Charlie. People aren’t impressed with their behaviour online and are truly shocked with Dixie’s latest Tik Tok video, where she was clearly being racist.

The Epitome Of White Privilege

In the now-deleted Tik Tok video, Dixie D’Amelio appears to be dancing to the audio of Trisha Paytas rapping to the NWA’s ‘’F*ck The Police’’. At a first glance, the video resembles your ordinary Tik Tok dance until Trisha says the n-word in the 10-year-old audio file. Dixie seems to blatantly ignore the fact that the word is being said and just keeps on smiling and busting out her dance moves. Although the controversial clip was soon to be deleted, her followers managed to see it and labelled Dixie’s performance as the epitome of white privilege. Ouch!

Trying To Clap Back At Trisha Paytas

The Tik Tok in question was allegedly supposed to be a response to the 32-year-old Trisha Paytas recent Tik Tok’s, where she is calling both of the D’Amelio sisters out for acting ungrateful, bratty and racist. Here’s one of Trisha’s Tik Tok’s in case you have missed the ongoing feud between her and the D’Amelio sisters


♬ original sound – trishapaytas

Trisha herself claims that she has apologised for saying the n-word for like a million times over the last 10 years, but, somehow Dixie just gets away with acting completely racist in front of her 44.2 million followers. We got to say, the girl has a point!

Trying To Clap Back At Trisha Paytas

Dixie’s Fans Are Beyond Pissed Off

Dixie’s fans are truly annoyed with the 19-year-old influencer’s behaviour. Her followers seem to agree that Dixie knew exactly what she was doing and used the n-word to her advantage to diss Trisha Paytas. Comments like ‘’This honestly just makes me dislike them even more’’ seem to be trending on Twitter since this drama has really taken over the whole internet. And it’s not only the fact that Dixie’s appears to be racist and unapologetic. Her fans have also managed to take screenshots of Tana Mongeau and James Charles responding to Dixie’s video saying ‘’omg’’ and ‘’get her’’. Fans are pointing out that these two are getting themselves involved to stay relevant to the public.

Dixie’s fans are truly annoyed with the 19-year-old influencer’s behaviour.

Is The Apology Video Coming Any Time Soon?

Dixie herself has made a statement on Twitter saying and we quote: ‘’ I made my point. It’s done. It’s over. And Charli is a queen. Goodnight.’’ It’s pretty safe to say that no one is impressed by her statement and her fans are still looking out for Dixie’s apology in one form or another. ‘’ The fact that they both keep gaining followers on Tik Tok is just disturbing’’ – said a user on Twitter. Does Dixie really think that she will get away with this without the need to apologise for her actions?

In case you haven’t managed to lay your eyes on Dixie’s now-deleted Tik Tok post that seems to have grabbed everyone’s attention by this point, check out this Youtube video –


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