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Did Trisha Paytas Endorsed Donald Trump As A Joke?

It’s very clear to see that there is a divide in the U.S. right now regarding the 2020 presidential elections and for many it matters more now than it has before, for who their favorite influencer are voting for. A few influencers have faced massive backlash for liking and supporting Donald Trump during the rally’s and election.

While some influencers are very transparent about their political beliefs from the start, others fall into this gray area and Trisha Paytas is one of those influencers. Now some fans are wondering if she voted for President Trump in the 2020 election?

Trisha Did Endorse Republican Candidates In The Past

Trisha is largely known in her online career for trolling her fanbase, and many aren’t sure whether to take the claims she makes on her channel seriously. This has been proven true by her previous endorsements of presidential candidates, which she started doing in 2012

In the presidential election between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, Trisha made a video and claimed that she endorsed the Republican candidate for president and that her main selling point was that he’s “hot.”


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Trisha told her fans, “I thought, since this is my first election voting, I would share some of my viewpoints and opinions just to, sort of, help your decision either way. We haven’t had a hot president since Kennedy, but we know how that ended. So I think it’s time.”

A week after she posted that video, she made another video in response to all the backlash she received and yet again she ultimately restated that she would be voting for former Gov. Romney.

Trisha said in the video, which has more than 7,000 dislikes and only 1,400 likes, “Vote for who you want – my final endorsement is still for Mitt Romney. I think he is a really great guy, I think he’s going to do a lot for our country. I’m not racist… Just because I’m not voting for the black guy doesn’t mean I’m racist.”

Watch the video of Trisha stating that she doesn’t support Trump by clicking on the link

Did Trisha Vote For Trump In The 2020 Elections

In 2016, when President Trump first ran for office, Trisha made a video by endorsing Trump, but later claimed that the video was only a troll. She then received a ton of backlash as a result of her video. In the video, she made a series of comments about immigrants that didn’t sit well with many as many founded it offensive.

When the video began making its rounds again in 2019, Trisha made another video apologizing for her initial endorsement.

She admitted in the video, “I’ve never voted a day in my life. That also might be ignorant… I’ve just never voted because I’ve never cared about politics – but maybe I should.”

In this video, the social media star clarified that her stance on Sen. Romney’s endorsement was meant to be “satire.”

For the 2020 election, Trisha became part of a meme for the race, which pointed out President Trump’s unclear stance on gay marriagr. She used this as an opportunity to make it clear that she endorsed Joe Biden.

She said, according to Newsweek, “I’m super happy. I support the cause. I’m being used for the cause. A good cause. Let’s do it. Vote tomorrow. Equality for everyone. That’s most important. I’ll happily pay more taxes if we all have equal human rights.”

Whether or not Trisha voted in the election this year is unclear, but it seems she’s put aside her trolling videos to advocate for the candidate she believes in.


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