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Did James Charles Just Reveal His New Boyfriend On Tik Tok?

Is it just us or James Charles has been involved with all the latest drama recently? From defending the D’Amelio sisters to having a feud with Trisha Paytas and posting inappropriate comments online, he’s done it all! But this time around its positive vibes only as rumours have been going around about him dating his long term friend and influencer Larray. Is it more than just a bromance? Let’s find out!

Previously Linked With Rapper Lil Nas X

This has been a busy year for James as you can probably already tell. Besides the online drama with his name involved, there’s been a couple of dating rumours surfacing online. Earlier this year Charles was thought to be romantically linked with no other than the openly queer American rapper Lil Nas X. But these rumours were quick to fade into thin air as both James Charles and Lil Nas X denied that there’s any type of romance involved in their relationship. The 21-year-old rapper even turned to his Twitter account to post the following: ‘’Two gay men can’t do things together without ya’ll sexualising it.’’ Word!

The Tik Tok Post Has Everyone Confused

After those rumours turned out to be untrue, people started speculating that the 21-year-old beauty & makeup guru was dating his long term friend and internet celebrity Larray. The Tik Tok in question was posted over on Larray’s account (https://www.tiktok.com/@larrayeeee), and it also included an appearance of both Jame’s and Larray’s mutual friends Noah Beck. Beck is quick to exit the setup as Charles and Larray are engaging in a well-known Tik Tok couples challenge. The particular challenge includes questions like who wears the pants in the relationship, who said ‘’I love you’’ first and who is the first to say sorry after an argument. The interaction between the two Tik Tokers seemed very genuine as the boys just couldn’t stop smiling and giving each other the looks.

Still Dating His Previous Boyfriend?

Although their fans are more than eager to see these two actually dating and going public about it, it’s safe to say that Larray hasn’t yet confirmed his split from his previous boyfriend Brady Potter (20). The two love birds were going strong and holding hands just two months before Larray’s and Jame’s flirty Tik Tok video. Are they on or are they off? Larray has never been shy about showing off his boyfriend or sharing anniversary updates online, but we haven’t seen any of that on his social media as of late.

The Internet Is Waiting For A Confirmation

Wouldn’t we just love seeing James and Larray taking a step further and making it official? Although that scenario would be the best possible outcome, many fans are feeling quite sceptical about it as the Tik Tok in question was supplemented by a description that refers to Larray’s latest merch release. The caption reads ‘’girlies pastel collection out now ☺ link in bio’’!! This led fans to believe that all of this flirting is just made up to grasp viewers attention and promote Larray’s new collection. If attention is what they’re after, they surely got what they were asking for!

Larray taking a step further and making it official

What are your thoughts on this new influencer couple alert? Are these two a real thing or just playing it up for the cameras? Make sure to check out the video, that has everyone confused over on Larray’s Tik Tok account –


girlies pastel collection out now 🙂 link in bio!!

♬ couples edition – nathan and grace


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