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Did Hannah Stocking And Ondreaz Lopez Break Up?

With joint YouTube posts, inspiring Instagram stories, and removing any and all signs of their exes, many top influencer couples tend to go through their breakups publicly.

In their breakup, TikToker Ondreaz Lopez and YouTube star Hannah Stocking are supposedly grappling with even more serious issues.

Ondreaz Lopez & Hannah Stocking
Ondreaz Lopez and Hannah Stocking during a couples photoshoot

For weeks before they publicly announced their relationship with matching tattoos in October 2020, the two taunted fans with their romance.

Ondreaz is best known for being a Hype House member and for originally rising to fame with his younger brother, Tony Lopez, by making dance videos.

On the other hand, Hannah boasts 7.68 million YouTube subscribers, and on Instagram she has 18.7 million followers.

While for months, their relationship has had fans buzzing, it seems as though they have gone through a breakup. Ondreaz has been accused of assaulting a minor sexually.

Did Hannah Stocking Break Up With Ondreaz Lopez?

While a split has not been specifically verified by neither Hannah nor Ondreaz, there are plenty of social media indicators that say the two are done.

They don’t follow each other on Instagram anymore, and Hannah deleted all of the Ondreaz images from her feed. Ondreaz still has a series of images posted in September 2020 with Hannah.

Most of her TikTok videos with Ondreaz were also removed by Hannah, although he is still featured in her 2020 rewind episode.

Fellow comedy YouTuber Lele Pons, one of Hannah’s close friends, posted an Instagram story that she was going to Los Angeles to support Hannah, which further fueled the rumors.

“@HannahStocking Love you baby! Stay strong! See you soon in LA,” she wrote, along with three red heart emojis.

In addition, Hannah posted an Instagram story of her crying in a dark room. This was further confirmed by many that her relationship with Ondreaz soured, or that she took on the latest charges against him.

What Has Happened To Ondreaz Lopez? Details Regarding The Charges Against Him

Ondreaz Lopez has been accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl, weeks after Tony Lopez was sued for sexual battery and for sending sexually explicit photos to minors (which he denies).

The allegations appeared to arise from @SainttBaby, the TikTok account.

A video of Ondreaz allegedly speaking to a 14-year-old girl’s mother was posted by the woman behind the account. In the video, Ondreaz can not be seen, but in the background, a male voice can be heard. The fact that this voice is Ondreaz’s cannot be verified.

The woman asks in the video how old the male is. He answers that he is 23 years old (which is how old Ondreaz is).

“She’s 14 and you’re how old?” the woman wonders in the video.

“Twenty-three,” the guy answers.

“You know what can happen to you?” she asks.

“I do,” the man responds.

“You can end up in jail,” she continues.

“I do realize that,” the man replies.

The woman informs the man in the remainder of the video that they need to talk in person. She says she’s going to bring her daughter and her sister with her to “figure this out.” The man says he’s “totally OK” with the meeting and he’s interested in doing so “whenever is possible.

“People on my main account keep asking what happened with Ondreaz but here it is,” @SainttBaby wrote over the video.

Videos that seem to be from the Hype House were later posted by the person behind the @SainttBaby TikTok account. She confirmed that during Ondreaz’s 23rd birthday party in April 2020, the incident in question took place.

She claims to be the supposed victim’s friend and that she shares the data because her friend “just wants to be anonymous.”

A video that revealed a legal document about the matter and a screenshot of her submitting it to Hannah Stocking was also shared by @Sainttbaby.

Ondreaz did not comment on the latest charges against him. Several influencers, including Noah Beck, Larray, Bryce Hall, and Addison Rae, have unfollowed Ondreaz according to the instagram account @TikTokRoom.

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