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Did Griffin Johnson Really Try To Slide Into Bella Poarch’s Dm’s

The newest TikTok trend, otherwise known as ‘ 2 Truths And A Lie’, has taken over everyone’s FYP’s by a storm. If you haven’t managed to catch a glimpse of the challenge, it’s basically a short video where you have the chance to test your detective skills and pick out a single false statement out of the three suggested by the creator.

Besides the challenge itself being loads of fun, Bella Poarch’s (23) edition of the trend caused a lot of trouble for herself and ex Sway House member Griffin Johnson (22). Keep reading to get to know more about their beef and the juicy reasons behind it!

Bella Poarch Exposes Griffin Johnson On TikTok

Bella Poarch, who’ mostly known for her hypnotic lip sync videos as well as performing Millie B’s rhythmic ‘M To The B’, is currently the 4th most followed person on the platform with nearly 52.8 million followers. Pretty impressive, huh? Her most recent video went viral overnight and included exposing Sway House’s one and only Griffin Johnson.

The TikTok clip in question was uploaded on the 14th of January showcasing Poarch’s attempt at the super trendy ‘2 Truths And A Lie’ video. Bella listed three options for her fan base to analyze including being adopted, having made a sex type with Kylie Jenner’s ex rapper boyfriend Tyga and Griffin Johnson allegedly sliding into her dm’s.

And to everyone’s surprise, it turned out that according to Bella Griffin has indeed tried his luck in getting close with the twenty-three-year-old Filipino TikTok megastar. Although no direct messages have been leaked yet, the online community is pretty shaken. Literally!

Haven’t seen Bella’s edition of the ‘2 Truths And A Lie’ challenge yet? See the upload below before the tea gets too cold!



Thanks @addisonre for the tag💞 you’re next @miakhalifa 😈

♬ Real Shit – Juice WRLD & benny blanco

Griffin Responds And Calls Bella A Liar

Of course, the internet went wild after learning about Griffin Johnson’s failed attempts to make some sort of a connection with Bella. It wasn’t too long after Poarch’s video went viral when Johnson decided to clear things up. The TikTok creator chose to duet Bella’s video to address the situation between him and Poarch. Watch Griffin respond to Bella’s allegations down below:



#duet with @bellapoarch good work @tyga

♬ Real Shit – Juice WRLD & benny blanco

In the video, Griffin points out that the only message he has ever sent to Bella was him saying and we quote: ‘I like your style’ indicating that that’s just him being nice not having any kind of romantic intentions in mind. However, fans weren’t having any of Griffin’s excuses! Some individuals even called Griffin out for deleting the rest of the messages that he had allegedly sent to Bella. This is what Griffin’s following had to say regarding the whole situation:

Fans Assuming Griffin Had Already Deleted The Messages Before Filming His Response Video

Bella And Tyga’s Sex Tape Rumors Spark Up Yet Again

Griffin’s response to Bella’s original TikTok video also provoked some old drama to spark up once again concerning Poarch’s and Tyga’s relationship status. In case you haven’t heard, the two were rumored to have made a sex tape together over three months ago. Yikes!

With Griffin insisting that his message to Bella cannot even be considered as sliding in her dm’s, people got very suspicious regarding Poarch’s video second-guessing the real message behind it. Johnson used everyone’s suspicions in his own favor and went on to suggest the following:

Griffin Causing Even More Suspicion Regarding Bella And Tyga’s Relations

Did Griffin really delete those messages he allegedly sent to Bella or is he just deliberately trying to cause more drama? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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