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Dencia Is a Brand On Her Own, And More Than Just Blac Chyna’s Friend

Thanks to her different television and social media placements, Blac Chyna has virtually become a household name at this stage over the years. Consequently, this implies that the investment of her fans in her life has grown to include those nearest to her, including her friend Dencia and also her business partner.

Dencia featured at a red carpet event
Dencia featured at a red carpet event
But, who’s Dencia, exactly? What does she do, and what is her relation to the sometimes controversial internet personality, beyond her sultry appearances on Chyna’s social media sites and at various award shows? Here is a rundown of what we know so far about her.

Who Is Dencia? She’s A Creative Force With Multi-Hyphenates

Dencia, real name Reprudencia Sonkey, is a multi-hyphenate artist born in Cameroon who has been involved for over a decade in various industries spanning music, fashion, and beauty products.

Born and raised in Cameroon, before transitioning her efforts toward creating fame, Dencia attended the Government English Primary School at Lake Central in Yaoundé and Cameroon Protestant College (CPC) Bail in the North West Region of Cameroon.

Starting as a feature girl in music videos for the likes of 50 Cent, Chris Brown, Ludacris, and Lady Gaga, Dencia started to carve out a spot for herself in the music industry by forming the right connections, culminating in the release of her debut single “Beri Beri” in 2011.

The Efforts Of Dencia As A Designer Are Also Impressive

Dencia used the influencer power of her musical prowess to help get her fashion design endeavor off the ground, beyond her contributions to early 2000s popular music. She was instrumental in the remarkable looks worn by stars such as Christina Milian, Lil’ Mama, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj, as a designer.

Dencia showing off one of her new dress
Dencia showing off one of her new dress

Over the years, Dencia has also stunned on countless red carpets in designs of her own, apart from design work done for others, often making headlines for the bold shapes and cuts of dresses that she only wears for special events.

Dencia Established A Skincare Brand Of Her Own, Whitenicious

In 2014, Dencia launched Whitenicious, a line of skin pigmentation-lightening products targeted and sold heavily on the African sub-continent, which would continue to be her most defining project yet.

The label, which promises to be a “luxury skincare line for endless radiance body,” tells users that they will “say goodbye to hyperpigmentation and dark spots forever” before toting that it is “gluten-free,” contains “no steroids,” and is also “sulfate-free,” has come under considerable fire
in order to encourage women to try to change their pigmentation.

Blac Chyna Was Roped Into The Whitenicious Drama of Dencia

A controversial beauty mogul in her own right, Per Allure, Chyna, brokered a business deal with Dencia to sell their diamond illuminating and lightening cream, which was widely promoted as a skin tone lightener in African countries. Fans were quick to slam both Dencia and Chyna for selling products that promote color and strongly target their sales in Nigeria, where more than three-quarters of women use some kind of skin-lightening product per person.

At the moment, Chyna never discussed the controversy and apparently set it all aside while she and Dencia continue to build on their already good friendship. Whitenicious brand items are still available worldwide amid the backlash from the joint campaign and the targeted sales of skin whiteners that Dencia presented to Hollywood Unlocked by saying she simply ignores the haters.

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