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David Dobrik Surprises Bestie With Part Ownership Of A Soccer Team

What is the most extreme and unexpected birthday surprise you have ever received? Whatever it might be, we’re pretty sure it’s not part ownership of a national women’s soccer league team! Because that’s exactly what David Dobrik (24) got his assistant and childhood best friend Natalie Mariduena, otherwise known as Natalie Noel (24). What’s hiding behind the larger than life surprise, and what has Natalie’s past football coach got to say about it? Make sure to read on!

Dobrik Has A Way Of Surprising People

If you follow The Vlog Squad regularly, you might have already noticed that the 24-year-old Youtuber and influencer has always had a way of surprising people. He has surprised a couple of his closest friends including Heath Hussar, Nick Antonyan and Ering Gilfoy with brand new luxury cars on his channel. In fact, he even got Natalie a baby blue Bronco for her 23rd birthday last year. And as if that wasn’t enough, Dobrik decided to go all out for this year’s surprise.

Dobrik Has A Way Of Surprising People

Part Ownership Of A Women’s Soccer Team

It’s a go big or go home kind of attitude for this year’s surprise gift as far as we can tell. Dobrik uploaded a short video clip over on his Tik Tok channel (https://www.tiktok.com/@daviddobrik) which shows him blindfolding his assistant and taking her to the Banc Of California Stadium to announce that she is now an official part-owner of the Angel City Football Club. The club is mainly known for its ‘Godmother’, co-owner and world-known actress Natalie Portman (39). Make it two Natalie’s on the list of Angel City club owners from now on!

Natalie Used To Play Soccer As A Child

What many people don’t know is that Mariduena actually used to play soccer herself when she was a kid, which is probably why Dobrik chose to surprise her with the part ownership announcement. To celebrate the meaningful event, Nats shared a few pictures online of her chasing the ball, to show how much the sport really means to her. The 24-year-old Youtuber even managed to share a screenshot of her childhood coach congratulating her via private messaging. The coach said, and we quote:’’Who knew you would be the one to make it onto a professional soccer field! Enjoy the day, night, week, just keep celebrating as long as you can!’’ It’s party time at the Vlog Squad’s house!

It’s party time at the Vlog Squad’s house

Still Choosing Todd Over David

Natalie’s supporters are, of course, over the moon with the recent events taking place in her life, but they sure know how to keep the story as humorous as possible. Fans are up to their task to remind Dobrik that even though he bought Natalie a car and part ownership of a soccer team, she is still choosing to date Todd (Toddy Smith) over him. ‘’ You can buy a girl a soccer club, but still can’t score a goal with her’’ – said one of the comments under David’s latest Tik Tok video. Here’s what other viewers had to say about David’s and Nat’s relationship:

Still Choosing Todd Over David

Are there any possible romantic feelings involved in this friendship or David and Nats are just your regular pair of Youtube besties? Have your say in the comments sections – we’re here to hear you out! Meanwhile, check out Nat’s reaction on receiving the surprise of her life on David’s Tik Tok account


Happy 24th birthday Natalie!!! Hahah this was ridiculous @nataliemariduena @weareangelcity

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