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Danielle Bernstein’s Chained Face Masks

A new challenge has emerged this year as the whole world needs to adapt to new living circumstances that includes wearing a face mask wherever you go.

Fashion experts took it upon themselves to create fashionable face masks as they saw an opening in the fashion industry and “We Wore What” label creator Danielle Bernstein was one of the first fashion experts to embark on this trend.

Bernstein is never one to shy away from controversy but this time she founded herself in the middle of the crossfire over the creation of chained face masks and many accused her of copying the idea from a small, Latina-owned business.

Bernstein Gets Called Out

Several Instagram callout accounts posted screenshots of Bernstein’s correspondence with accessories label “Second Wind” regarding samples of the brand’s face masks embellished with a chain, which caused the controversy to go viral.


Karen Perez, Danielle Bernstein's Chained Face Masks

Credt: @IconicHipster, Google

“Second Wind’s” creator, Karen Perez, offered Bernstein a custom face mask and that she would personally deliver the sample to Bernstein’s Hamptons home.

Screenshots from a few days later surfaced, showing that Bernstein reached out to Perez to inform her that her shop “We Wore What” label would also be making chained face masks but her masks would have a different shape.

Bernstein revealed her facemask designs on July 20, but social media users pointed out the similarities between Bernstein and Perez’s designs, including the shade of the mask and color of the detachable chain.


Instagram DM's sent to Perez

@weworewhat, Instagram

Bernstein Responded To The Copying Allegations

Bernstein responded to the allegations on her Instagram Stories, explaining that her chained masks had been in production for a few weeks and provided email screenshots that showed production began in mid-May. She also stated that she only recently founded out about “Second Wind” through a friend.

A few days after Bernstein responded to the controversy, she posted several Instagram Stories in which she tearfully explained that she received a number of death threats and that someone showed up at her house, harassing her.

She stated in her Instagram Stories, that even though her chained masks were in production long before she reached out to Perez, she will no longer sell the masks. She would instead donate all her masks as well as an additional 5 000 surgical masks to frontline workers treating Covid-19 patients.

After all the controversy and death threats, Bernstein deleted all Instagram posts related to the chained face masks.


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