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Danielle Bernstein and Jade Myers’ Fashionable Mishap

Sustainable fashion influencer Jade Myers of @fashionwithouttrashin and the owner behind Poshmark’s reseller account “Ornamental Stone” took to her Instagram to explain that, Danielle Bernstein, fashion influencer of “We Wore What” is threatening to shut down her business because of an internal error in which Myers acquired unreleased samples from Bernstein’s upcoming collection with Onia.

Threatening Email to Myers


Myers explained that the conflict started in mid-January 2020 when she acquired the unreleased pieces from a local charity, where an Onia employee accidentally dropped off the samples for donation.

Bernstein reached out to Myers via Instagram messages after Myers uploaded the pieces to her Poshmark site, asking her to take down the pieces and even offered Myers to repay her for the pieces.

Bernstein and Myers IG messages

Myers, who has used her own funds to photograph the pieces and to store them in her inventory, asked Bernstein to pay the resale value of the pieces to cover her losses, in which Bernstein initially agreed upon in screenshots of their conversation that Myers have shared. Bernstein connected Myers to someone from her team to coordinate the payments.

After Myers was connected to one of Bernstein’s team members, she pulled all 100 of the unreleased samples from her site and gave Bernstein’s team the total cost, which ended up being more than Bernstein had thought.

Bernstein responded by saying that she believed there was some confusion between the two and responded in an email saying, “I am not paying you for retail value, I’m paying you for the cost of what you paid for the goods, which I was under the impression that they were cheap.

Myers explained to Bernstein that she would be at a loss of profits given that she paid a model to sport the looks and an employee to list the pieces and put them in her inventory

Myers then also reminded Bernstein that she initially agreed to pay the resale value.

Bernstein Threatened Myers That Her Shop Would Get Pulled From The Website Poshmark

Bernstein was under the impression that Myers acquired the samples through a local Goodwill, because that’s where the Onia employee accidentally dropped off the samples and that’s what confused Bernstein about the hefty price tag Myers was demanding.

During the back-and-forth dispute between Bernstein and Myers, Bernstein stated that she was in contact with Poshmark’s chief executive officer about having Myers’ shop pulled off the website.

Emails between Bernstein and Myers

After receiving an email from someone who appeared to be an attorney representing Bernstein, Myers started posting the Email and Instagram message screenshots about the dispute between them.

The Email included the subject “Poshmark: Trademark and Copyright Infringement” and asked Myers if she had a counsel that could represent her company or if they could communicate to her directly.

The screenshots on Myers’ Instagram story caused an uproar on social media with many upset over what they deemed to be bullying tactics by Bernstein. Shortly after that, both influencers released statements that they are working together to resolve the issue.

Bernstein and Myers Came To An Agreement

Myers shared a lengthy post on Instagram stated that both of them came to an agreement and that she met with Bernstein without any lawyers

Myers also stated that, “Bernstein apologized for the misunderstanding and that she would cover the costs associated with the listing and removing of the products from her shop.”

Due to the inconvenience, Myers received new items from WeWoreWhat’s current Onia collection that she could sell through her shop.

Myers also wrote, “I have seen a lot of misconceptions, stories and gossip that have been untrue and/or hurtful. I tell you all the truth so you don’t have to wonder about these things, this is part of why I am open with you!


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