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Curtis Newbill Drops Diss Track Dedicated To The Lopez Brothers

As you may have heard TikTokers and ex Hype House Members Tony (21) and Ondreaz (23) Lopez are currently being accused of sexual battery on separate occasions. While the Lopez brothers keep denying the allegations made against them, the TikTok community is pretty convinced that both of them are as guilty as charged. To highlight the issue regarding Tony and Ondreaz’s punishable actions, a diss track has been released on TikToker’s and social media comedian’s Curtis Newbill’s account.

Newbill’s 7th Diss track Goes Viral In Matter Of Hours

Curtis Newbill (24) has made a name for himself on TikTok thanks to his witty sense of humor along with his super catchy influencer diss tracks. From Charli D’Amelio (16) to Jayden Hossler (19) and Josh Richards (19) each of Newbill’s diss tracks has gone viral pretty much overnight.

His newest diss track, uploaded on February 1st, talks about the elephant in the living room aka the allegations against both of the Lopez brothers. In the video, Curtis calls out Tony for being a child groomer and slams Ondreaz for following in Tony’s footsteps.

In case you’ve somehow missed Curtis’s 7th diss track talking about the alarming situation surrounding the Lopez brothers, the viral upload can be viewed below:




♬ original sound – Curtis Newbill🤴🏻👀

Curtis Mentions Zoe Laverne In The Comments Section

On top of throwing shade at Tony and Ondreaz, Curtis also had a few words to say regarding fellow TikToker Zoe Laverne (19). The twenty-for-year-old social media star supplemented his own comment section by writing, and we quote:’ I’m just trying to bring attention to this so it’s not brushed aside like it was for Zoe’.

Curtis Newbill Mentioning The Zoe Laverne Situation In His Comments Section

As you may have heard, Zoe Laverne was accused of child grooming last year. And even though she received a lot of hate regarding the situation, the particular issue was never fully resolved. In fact, some fans are speculating Zoe is still in contact with the thirteen-year-old boy, who she allegedly groomed.

However, Curtis’s diss track seemed to have an effect on the general public. The influencer highlighted the problem and brought attention to the seriousness of the whole situation through humor.

The TikTok Community Dares The Lopez Brothers To Duet Newbill

After watching Curtis’s newly uploaded diss track, the TikTok community went as far as daring the Lopez brothers to duet Newbill’s video. As expected, neither Tony nor Ondreaz responded to the diss track despite being tagged under the video numerous times.

See what else Curtis’s following had to say about his witty masterpiece down below:

Curtis’s Following Expressed Positive Vibes Only Next To His Newest Upload

What are your thoughts on Curtis Newbill’s freshly released Lopez Brother diss track? Don’t be shy to share your opinion in our comments section!

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